Friday, August 28, 2009

Going to Lake Chelan

We have a timeshare at Lake Chelan and will be going over there this week. I know it will be hot and relaxing....

But, this picture is what it looks like during the winter!

We've had this over there for 20 something years. This has been one of the best purchases we'v ever made when our kids were young. We have had some FABULOUS vacations that we could never have afforded otherwise.

Once our kids grew up and had children of their own, we outgrew this one, so we purchased another! Now we have two over there. So when our family vacations together, we have plenty of rooms for everyone.

The resort is wonderful. It's right on the lake and has every amenity you can imagine from jet ski and kyak rentals to beautiful walking trails.

During the winter is one of our favorite times over there. Besides being very scenic, they even have a large outdoor ice skating arena!

They keep chopped firewood outside your door for your fireplace, you have fully equipped kitchens, movie rentals and activities for the kids.

But, we never used them because they were so busy sledding down all the hills around the resort and then going to the indoor pool that was so nice and warm!

By then, they came home, sat in front of the fire, where we fed them and shortly afterwards, we had to drag their limp little bodies off to bed!! :-) It was great....

For something different, I decided to post wintertime pictures for you to enjoy. I just can't get enough of those!

So, we will enjoy the heat this time, we will swim in the pools and the lake,.... try our hands at Tennis, golf, putt putt and jet skis,.... we will have our morning coffee on the patios looking at the "Lady of the Lake" cruising by in the mornings....and hopefully read a couple books laying in the sun or shade whatever feels good.

So, I may or may not be blogging for a week, depending on how our service is there. So you guys be good and stay mounted!



  1. We love Lake Chelan and this is on our list of possible retirement spots. I took my Zoe over a couple years ago and rode in the Apple Orchards up above Manson.
    My high school best friend has a lake house and invited me over, she had her horse boarded there for the summer... awesome views looking down on the lake..I wish I was going there this weekend!!!

  2. Oh ya...leave it to you to turn us all FRIGID!!!

  3. Hee! Hee! DR too funny... Are you sure it was ME?

    Jan, that sounds wonderful...riding through the apple orchards.



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