Thursday, July 9, 2009

Touring Tacoma

As most of you know, from previous posts...We have some friends from CA. visiting this week. We decided to take them downtown to see the Glass Museum the other day. That was something I've never seen even though we live in this town! (Shame on us....) So, I was excited to see it.

I was glad that we got there in time to see the Glass Blowing demonstrations....they were really "visitor friendly." Narrator telling you what they were doing, Large T.V. monitor, and comfortable seats to watch them work from.

They really turn out some beautiful items there....

After that, we drove to Cabella's so the guys could look at some things THEY like!! Little did they know we'd find things we loved there too! But, why should I tell him that?? :-)


  1. So is that the naughty little sex store you once took all the PONY COUSINS too???

  2. Love watching the glass being blown ... they had one in Centralia down by the old train station at a time also. It was really great to visit. In fact Centralia/Chehalis offer many wonderful areas/shops/historical places to visit. I am originally from CHehalis. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Cabella's??? I can't believe you don't know about THAT store. It's the guys dream store. All about fishing, hunting, boating and camping store. It's very cool actually to browse through. And, they have a cute home decor (all lodge style) and gift shop that makes great fudge.
    As for the naughty little sex store? Your memory must be slipping...I wouldn't do that. :-)

  4. Blushing rose! That's very cool that you are from Chehalis originally! I have cousins from there too! Some of them are these cousins who are my followers.



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