Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy day...

Well today is the last day of our friends visit, they go to airport tomorrow. :-(

We have really enjoyed their visit, and will miss them.
Today we picked up our grandaughter Avaa (she is spending the weekend with us.) And thank goodness for Debbie who played with her and kept her entertained...I was wiped out from working on a wedding cake all day for a wedding tomorrow.
Here is a picture of the cake I've been working (Gerbera daisies in all three colors) Tangerine, Yellow and Fuschia will be arranged on top tomorrow at wedding. I hope she likes it! I do feel it's pretty loud colors, not your typical wedding style...but it is what she chose!

Her bridesmaids are going to be in this tangerine color and their flowers are yellow,tangerine, fuschia.

I did convinced her not to use the fuschia on the cake as it was just too busy. It started to look too much like a kids birthday cake with all three colors on it.


  1. I remember the FIT my Mother had over a pink cake for my wedding topped with pink wedding bells! I was in Heaven with it ... it'll be gorgeous & beautiful to her, that's what matters. Beautiful creation .. good job. TTFN ~Marydon



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