Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat Fridays....Check in time

Well, it's that time again! And I'm down to 154. So far that's only 6lbs.
I guess it came on slow, so it's going to come off the same way.... :-(
I'm sticking to it though!

Weakness: Exercise! Yuk....
Strengths: Desserts...I've done well this week!
Next weeks goals: 2lbs. and more exercise. DH has taken our bikes into the shop to be tuned up and new tires etc. So we are going to be doing some bike riding.


  1. soory you won't be bringing your "Svelt"new body to the picnic to ooh and ahh over!!!

  2. just keep up with always reach your goal!!!

  3. I'm not svelt by any's barely showing. Just trying hard. I hope someday you can call me that though! :-)

  4. Way to go ~ every little pounds adds up!



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