Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lavender Festival (Sequim)

This weekend, we were invited to a party my "close friend" Candy, (from school) was having for all her friends to meet her new son - in - law Karl.

Suzy, Groom in middle and me

She hosted it during the weekend of the Lavender Festival in my Home Town of Sequim, which is where we were all raised.

There is this beautiful venue (A large old, renovated farmstyle house) with the most beautiful grounds, where they hold weddings and such.
Here, Val and Brian were playing around "thinking" about actually getting married there???

I had to most fantastic time visiting with old friends that I havent seen in 10 years! (some of them.) Got to meet my friends "now grown" kids and their spouses....We partied, danced and just had a wonderful time....

Then, the next day, I went out to the PURPLE HAZE FARM where I listened to jazz music, while Husband was golfing in a tournament. I had food and drank lavender lemonade while browsing all the wonderful vendors booths among fields and fields of lavender and flowers! They were beautiful....

While I was there, I drove by our family house on the corner, in the middle of town, where our family lived our entire lives. When I saw the Hollyhock flowers in full bloom, I couldn't stand it. My mom took such pride in planting those....So, I walked up to the door, knocked and asked the person who is renting it now, "if they minded if I took some of the seeds of each color as it was my mom who planted those, she's gone now, and it would mean alot to me to have some of her flowers in my yard." She said "Sure, go ahead!" So, I gathered some and I soooo hope they will bring me some beautiful Hollyhocks next season!! She had dark pink, Lt. pink and white!

I hope to have more pictures later.....(My batteries died and had to use my friends camera) I hope to get those later.

Take care for now!


  1. We missed the festival this year...both Darling & I were sick (sniff.) Good luck on getting the Hollyhocks growing! I've often wanted to stop and get cuttings from my grandmother's rhodies, so I know just how you felt.

  2. Oh, I would love to go to that festival! Looks like you had a great time catching up with old friends. That lemonade sounds yummy, I've had some lavender soda, it is really good!

  3. That lavender looks beautiful! I love lavender!
    Looks like you had a great time! That is neat that they let you take some Hollyhocks!
    Word verification- Wheedi- which hopefully means no weeds!

  4. How nice to maybe get something that you could treasure year after year!



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