Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hi, Durango here....

Oooh "sigh"  I am one lonely horse right now.

So, you all know my girl and I had a really good winter down here in the desert.
That's why I've been so bad about updating you all here on our blog.
We'v been very busy doing fun trail rides, seeing lots of palm trees,  canyons, creeks, and doing some really hard climbing.  Its been fun!  My girl was here almost every other day.

 But when she rode me that last time, she stood with me for a long, long time, petting me and whispering quiet things in my ear.
The last time she did that, I didn't see her for a whole two weeks!  And, sure enough..... she hasn't been back....  "sniff" "sniff"

Some people might think that horses don't understand what "their person" is saying, but we do.  I knew she was telling me that we won't see each other for a while.....

I trust her not to leave me... :-(

But.... then.... I start to think...."Maybe she's upset with me because of those couple times I've spun around when she was riding me?"  She didn't seem too happy about that.  :-(
But, I only did that cuz I was scared!   

Do you think she would leave me here?

There's this other lady "Long haired Blondy" who has been taking care of me and riding me.....She's real nice and I feel safe when we are out riding, but..... I just can't help wondering, whats going on?  Where'd my girl go???  And why are there so many damn flies biting me???

I heard a rumor that "That Lady with the Red Hair" fell out of her trailer, on the same day she was riding ME and broke her leg. Oooh, I feel so bad that she's hurt, but I am glad she didn't fall off me, that would have really been bad.
And then I heard that's why "My Girl" isn't hauling me home with her.  Ya know?  I think she's gonna have that Bossman guy drive me least, that's what I heard "Long Haired Blondy" saying one day.

Well,  I'm just going to try and be strong, I have to know "My girl" is somewhere missing me.....

and that,  we will be back together soon....I hope.  I miss her too.



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  1. Interesting to hear the horse's point of view!



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