Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey there, I'm just checking in with all of you to see if you had a good Christmas?  As you know, I'm STILL waiting for my girl to get back, and that is getting close!  ONLY 5 more days till she gets here!

But, She did share some tidbits of what SHE'S been up to while we'v been apart.  Let me share a little with you ok?

Well, She has begun a new way of eating called Gluten Free.  She was told several time by her RA physician that it may help the pain in her hands.  I hope it does, that means she'll be able to ride me much longer!  This is a picture of an appetizer she made out of a GF pizza crust.  She said everyone loved it!

Then "My girls" sister and family came over to her house to celebrate their birthdays.  She brought this HUGE bottle of wine!  Wow, it took my girls family about 6 days to finish this one off!

And THIS is the reason my girl and her hubby (my dad) had to fly home.  His mom is 85 and not doing very well.  They had to put her in an Altzhiemers / Dimensia home.  My dad spends almost all day there with her, making sure she's ok, adapting to the new environment and making sure she eats.

 My girl says its really a nice place as far as those places go.....I don't think they are very happy she had to go there, but it got to where they just couldn't do everything for her.

So, this place went all out to decorate for Christmas.  My girl even plays the piano there once in a while.
Here is a few pictures of the place.  It has a "Town Square" where everyone can walk to, and hear music, play games or just socialize.  There is a coffee shop there too!

So, they had a nice Christmas tree.....

Painted Ice skates hanging.....

This is a picture of the "Town Square"   Its always set up like this for people to gather and visit.

That is the Coffee shop in there......

They had the tables all decorated.....

And this is just some of the GF things "My girl" made over the holidays for her family.  These were a hit, no one even knew the crusts were GF.

 She made homemade stuffing that was GF too.

She made her own cornbread, dried it out in a oven @ 250 degrees, then broiled for a couple mins. to crisp up.

She just used the regular cornbread recipe and change it up with GF flours.

She's also started cooking with GF Coconut Oil in place of Veg. oil.....

Now, heres my "other girl" who rides me occasionally too, her name is Brooklyn.
She made some Christmas cookies and decorated them for everyone.  These weren't GF, but they were good!

Then "My girl" made a ham for everyone to go with the Turkey!  Yum...

Here is how happy everyone was after eating all that wonderful food!  This is "My girls" son and his wife.

This is "My girls" daughter Jamie and her "Boyfriend" Mike.

This was a good holiday for "My girl" and her family.  She got to spend lots of good time with her grandkids and 

now she's getting ready to come back and see me!!

5 days and counting, and she will be back in my saddle again!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I wondered what was going on. Taking care of family is very important. We have a friend who needs to be gluten free and she has come up with some amazing will too.
    Happy New Year.



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