Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whoo hoo!  I got to see my girl!
She  took a trip to Vegas to see something called 
"Cowboy Christmas?"
Well, after that, she drove back to the desert JUST TO SEE ME!
I was so happy when she came walking up to me.....
I made some funny nickers and that seems to make her laugh.

She spent some time just grooming me, and whispering those nice things to me.  Then she tacked me up and we went for a ride!  It was so nice to see her.  

 She told me she will be back FOR GOOD in just a couple weeks.  In the meantime, she shared some highlights of Cowboy Christmas.

This is her first pair of chinks.  They are Italian leather (I think she's kinda partial to Italians....)

And here are the very nice boots she picked up.  She said its a must for her to have some good riding equipment, but I think an old pair of jeans, sweatshirt and her old, dirty barn boots work just fine.
 I'm not complaining tho, cuz she got ME a new saddle blanket and pad to make me more comfortable.
I wish I had a picture of them, but they are locked up in the tack room and I can't get to them to show you.

I kinda like it when my girl looks good on me.

While she was in Vegas,
She also got to go to a really unique party.  There were Crown Royal girls pouring what else?

There was a Patron Tequila Bar made entirely out of ice!

There was a very cool sushi table with none other than a LIVE MERMAID!

Then there was a biker themed room, where half clad guys and girls would polish your boots.
Heres one for the ladies.

And get this!  In the pool they had a "Biker Horse"  mounted.  He was very cool.

And by the time the party was over, The  "lady with the red hair"  was wearing a funny lookin
breast collar.  Hmmmm  Those humans, always trying to be like us horses.  I think she had a great time, wouldn't you say??

I'm glad my girl was able to come and visit me, even if it was just one day. 
I know we'll have lots of fun when she gets back.

And thanks to Kimberly for stopping by to say hello!  I get pretty bored just standing in my stall, waiting for my girl.  This blogging breaks up my day.


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    you can win an helmet Lami-cell with swarovski inserts (value over 174 Euro)!

  2. Hee hee... Durango, your mom has to teach you about pinky swear soon or you will find your seld wearingg an ugly T-shirt!!!
    get use to cowboy's a tradition :)))



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