Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boots update

Update:  After talking with the trimmer/fitter today, I think I'm going to go with the Easyboot "Glove" which is the one just prior to the Backcountry glove I posted about yesterday.  
We talked about different scenerios...sand, water, rocks etc. and we feel this would be a better choice because they don't have the part that comes up over his hair (on hoof) which could cause some rubbing etc. AND she feels that in those conditions, the velcro could become kind of ineffective.

What you're seeing here, is just the shell (for fitting) they will actually have a "gaiter" part that comfortably fits around his ankles but sand etc. won't have the same ability to get caught in it.
We'll's all a learning process, but she said his feet don't have any "shape" issues, and these fit very well.  As a matter of fact, just trotting around with these on, they formed a nice, tight suction and were actually a bit harder to take off, because they fit so well around his hoof. I liked the idea that they didn't cover any of his hair.  Which could cause more discomfort to him.  
I guess we'll see with the next ride!


  1. Can't wait to hear how these work for you and Durango!! Riley has been barefoot all winter and is doing great....although he needs a trim. But he isn't tender. However, he's been on snow, and soft turf/mud at nothing rocky or the trails. I don't think he would be okay on rocky trails. I suppose I could try it....I've never really had a problem with him losing shoes, though. And I do fear a bit that with our dry weather, the hooves will crack during the summer with so much trail riding.
    I hope your friend Linda is doing better!! xo

  2. Michelle, I hope Riley can do it, My trimmer says he will toughen up (just like horses do in the wild...) but the boots are for the more rocky trails. I will be posting later about our ride yesterday, but he did GREAT!! No rub marks, no bruising and when I got him home, put him in arena and he was prancing around like 2 year old..... Wasn't sore at all and we did A LOT of climbing! (About 3 hours worth). Only thing with the boots, its imperative that you have a "good" fit. I spent the $25 to have the trimmer fit him (about 2 weeks after his trim.) Because you want that good suction and fit to make sure you aren't loosing them. We went through a lot of mud, rocks, water and steep climbing.....
    I wouldn't even have to use them on most of your trails over there, except for coming down the long graveled road. But, I honestly don't think that would even hurt him because its a such short time. Good luck!

  3. Hay...what happened to your header and info ???

  4. I think I may have lost it....Blogger got a new look and I was playing with some of the templates, and now I can't get it back! Ugh...



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