Sunday, January 8, 2012

Better late than never.....

How many of you are tired of Turkey, Ham and all those trimmings?  (ok, I could eat them anytime too...) but, we had an occasion to have ONE MORE DINNER, this one with our kids because, well, due to divorces, new marriages and kids/grandkids going every direction,   we didn't want to be the whiney ones who cry because our kids are with their "other family" this year instead of with us.  Soooo, here it is, Jan 8th and we are just now having the last Christmas celebration with our kids/grandkids.  Better late than never I guess.....

I'm setting the table FOR the grandkids, and we adults will eat Buffet style.  Here's a picture of their table.  Got it all pre-set.

Ok, I don't really feel bitter, I mean I WANT my kids to be happy, and they really ARE now, but, I was so used to having our son ALWAYS being home with us (for the last 7 years, he's been a bachelor) and our "daughter sweetheart"?
 Well, I didn't really give a crap if her husband was upset about having to spend holidays with us.  Now that she's corrected that problem, over a year ago..... she's much happier with a new special guy, but, with that happiness comes more family to spend holidays with!!!
All I can say kids better be glad that I don't get all whiney, selfish and demanding about this.  (I don't think venting my feelings on this blog they?)
With that being said, Whew!....I'm better.
We are busy making dinner and I've decided NOT to have the usual....We are having Lasagna because feeding 5 grandkids ages 8-11 that's probably all they'll eat.
And, here is the simple centerpiece.  An antique candelabra  that I picked up at an estate sale two years ago while in Yuma, I just tricked it out simply.

The adults Buffet counter....

I'm making potato skins for an appetizer as well as a  two Brie Cheese En Crote'
one with apricot preserve filling and walnuts,..... and one with Cherry preserve filling and pistachios.

The kids will be getting some of this as well as yogurt cups (with M&Ms topping)

Veggie tray with dip and smokies in a blanket.  I figure,... "Why fight them?"  Feed em what they'll eat and enjoy.
I also am making them cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a peppermint patty "on a stick" to stir into their hot chocolate.  Gramma gets to spoil.

Daughter Sweetheart brought a new recipe that was wonderful....Bacon wrapped Shrimp and snow peas.  They are marinated with a Lime, hot sauce dressing, then broiled.
These are definitely something I'd make again!

And then....Yes, I know you'd THINK I'd make the pie myself, but we happened to go to a local bar where my daughter lives, for an evening they call "The meat draw".  Well, our name was drawn to win this cherry pie made locally. It was unbaked.   I was pleased, so I froze it, and baked it up today!  This picture doesn't really look that great, but it was very tasty!

So, I can't BELIEVE I was taking all these pictures, but forgot to cover the the lasagna...Ugh!  Anyway, we had a wonderful time, and all 5 grandkids were playing outside so well!  They played tag and then they all took turns shooting the "rubber band" guns that the boys got for Christmas.  They loved it.  Papa hung up some soda cans for them to hit.  Kept them busy for hours!

Hope your holidays were happy too, wishing all of you a Happy New Year.


  1. WOW!! So awesome cool!! I can tell you one thing - those kiddos know how important they are to you, whether they spend the actual holiday date with you or on another day. Well done!! You rock!!

  2. Hi "Cousin B!" Thanks for stopping by my blog today! And the reason I'm selling Hawk is because he is a young horse and I am better suited to Lew, my middle aged mare. I am going to miss him though. He's my boy.

    I really enjoy your blog!



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