Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn days ride

26 freaking degrees!  That's what it was when I got up this morning.  I'm thinking...."Great. We have a ride planned and I don't have enough clothes in my closet to fix this!"

I'm so glad I ran to Wall Mart last night and got some thermal underware....

Even the yard art was frosty....

So, I get myself up early, didn't want to be late....but, just as I'm ready to head out the door, I realize we had turned our clocks back last night, and I'm now running early.  I text my riding buddy only to find out she and the other riding buddy are moving slowly this morning due to an "equestrian auction" they attended last night...."translation?"  hungover.  :-)  AND, while she swears it wasn't due to the cowgirl courage she drank at the auction, she tripped over her suitcase while heading to the bathroom at 2:00 a.m., fell and landed on a rocker chair!  She ended up with a black eye, a knot on forehead and a cut along her smile line....Well, that's where it was at!  I mean, don't we ALL have smile lines?  Poor thing was hurtin a bit.  Good thing that doesn't get in the way of riding, unless you ride on your face....

So, fortunately, I brought peppermint schnapps and "whipped" vodka to spike our hot chocolate with.  I mean, to help Beth feel better.
I arrive, and I'm greeted by Hank the dog.  He always greets me because I give him either a slice of apple or carrot.  He came looking for his treat and this morning, I just brushed him off, not really in the mood to dig out my bag for him.  When I said "Sorry honey, nothing for you this morning.  He actually whimpered!  and started to walk away with tail tucked.  I couldn't bear it.  I said "Ok, here.  I do have one for you."  Hank was sooo happy as he walked away with his apple.

Once inside the house, greeted by my two new buddies, we sat at the table, had coffee and about a half hour later I announced I was gonna go get my things organized and that got everyone moving.
I went out and groomed and lunged Durango.  Then AS ALWAYS, I had to bathe his back legs and bottom.  What is this??? Is it because he's light that he always seem to have poopy legs and butt?  Ugh!...
Here he is drying his hind end in the sun while we are finally getting the trailer loaded and ready.

And, here is the trailer that Rose hauls us in.  I have used mine but when we all ride together, it's nice to have her LQ's to warm up in.

And here is Haley, getting all she can get before loading up.

So, off we go, heading for the hills!  But, we must stop and get a "Scale Burger,"  must have a good lunch before a ride, never know when one might have an "unscheduled" stay in the mountains....hmmmm?
For my friends who KNOW i'm trying to lose weight, note that Rose and I split one of these.

So finally we are at the staging, unloaded, tacked up, pottied and ready to go!   

                                      But, before heading out, there are just SOME THINGS that must be attended too!
Like our hot chocolate?????
NOW....we'r ready!

Durango is just so happy when he gets to lead!  And I must say, he's quite the fearless leader too.  He's like a tank (that's what I should've named him!)
He's a fearless leader who just tromps through anything, fazed by nothing.  Bridges, creeks, steep climbing, sliding down hills....he's like, bring it on!   It's a good thing he takes good care of me.  Remember when I first got him and he was determined to pick his own trails?  Well, you'll be happy to know he remembers doing that, but now he just "looks" that way, I say "Don't even think about it."  and he keeps going straight.  I'm not so sure he wouldn't "try" to pull that on someone else, but he doesn't with me anymore.  

Now, here we weren't sure why, but Rico was having some issues with going over this little creek bed.  Durango had just crossed it, and now he watches closely as Rose and Rico decide are we going to drink it or jump it?

Durango watching closely to see what's going to happen?

Rico decided to jump it and all was well, we were on our way.

Here is Haley just loving being a trail horse!  We went up steep hills, covered with mud and multi colored leaves.  We crossed bridges, creeks and did some steep downward climbing heading for home.

It was a great ride all in all....(only got lost once!)  But, AGAIN thanks to Verizon, we made a call to someone who rides these trails all the time, 
QUESTION: Where are you,... about?  
ANSWER: Well, we'r not sure, we came this way from that way.
QUESTION: Where is the sun to you?
ANSWER:  Over there on our right....   We are sooo much help.
Thankfully this Vet/friend in spite of all the help we gave,  was able to tell us which way to go. 
We'r lucky he didn't tell WHERE to go!...hee! hee! 

And soon, we were on our way back to the staging area.

It was dark by the time we had the horses watered, electrolytes and loaded.  

So, back at the barn, we all pitched in and helped Rose with some evening chores,  cleaned some stalls, brought horses in for the night, unloaded trailer, tucked my boy in for the night, and then Rose brings out this pie and offered it to Durango!  

He did take a few bites, then the other horses got their turn at it.  Can you say SPOILED?   
I don't think he even noticed when I left.... :-(


  1. Sounds like you are having some great rides on Durango!! So happy that you are having so much fun with him!! Glad he has been a good boy too!

  2. Way to go cousin!!I bet Desert Rose is sure proud of you!! I know I sure am!!!Took King out on Sat for a ride,My 26 year old child decided to be a brat, crow hopped on me four times in about ten minutes, but I am proud of myself I stuck with him and rode threw it. And even stayed on!!! When we don't ride with the Desert Rose we have to learn to depend upon our selves. Which is what I think I know what I needed. When do you leave for the wedding? love cuz jnt

  3. Yeah for sticking on him! I know, being on our own does make you get out there and just make it work. But, it builds confidence that we all needed too. I'm glad we are still getting out to ride even tho it's not together. :-( But, we'll keep aiming for a time. We leave this Thurs. for the wedding, very excited!
    Paint Girl: Yes, we are having a good time, and I am very happy with him! Glad your home!

  4. Yes, it was cold riding last week!!! I'm glad you got out and you are ridin' to the trails in style! Too funny about the poopy butt, it does seem like the light colored horses have it worse, doesn't it?? xo

  5. OMG...I am NOT a cold weather rider ;) Your boy is doing so great....wish you were both here in the desert!



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