Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick ride yesterday

Hey there,  Just wanted to share with you that I had Durango out on a trail-ride yesterday.  It wasn't very long, but we just hauled about 10 mins. away and then unloaded, walked them across a street and there we were!  Some great little trails to ride.  I wanted to try him out since he's gone barefoot in the back this week.  He did great, doesn't seem to be sore at all.
We  only rode about 1 hour as this was a spur of the moment ride put together....but this place "could" be a 2 hour ride if we had explored all the different ways.
It's nice to find some of these places that I can go, still be right here in town and at least get "some" trail riding.
My boy behaved really well, he got to lead some of it and he seems to be his happiest in the front.  He just "tromps" through those mud puddles, and some of them were huge!
Here is a picture of one he tromped through like a champ and then I turned around to snap pictures of "VINNY" going though them for the first time!  He is Racheals 2 year old horse.  He's going to be a show horse mostly but she was SO proud of him because he went in (with a little coaxing) and he would follow Durango through, but later, when he was asked to lead through some,  Well,  he wanted no part of that!
He was cute, he kept pawing at the water, and then she couldn't get him to come out!  But he did once we began riding off.  :-)  Funny how that works!
Here is a picture I took (over my head) trying to get the other girls in there.  Not bad for not being able to see what I was capturing!  That's Racheal, Rose and Liz.


  1. Glad you got to get a ride in, we rode on Sunday and am going out again thur. morn. I have to say that I am thinking that your boy is sounding really awesome and our first impression of him was totally wrong. I am so happy for you and so glad that everything is going good. Am really hoping that we can get some riding in later, love you cuz jeanette

  2. Me too! and thanks. What time you going out Thurs. morning?

  3. Have to be out at the barn at 8:00 to get ready. I have to work at 12:30 so I want to get a good ride in, at least 2 hrs. I even swapped for a night shift so I could ride had to take Hailey to the dr. this morning. I think its going to be cold, so I'd better dress warm. Love you Jeanette

  4. Loretta will follow Riley through anything (or at least walk by it nicely) but if she is leading she snorts and freaks, etc. This is with water, especially if it is reflective at all. I think it's something we'll have to work on. Glad you found a place close to home to trail ride and that Durango is doing well barefoot!! Want to see more pics of your boy, is he gettin' fuzzy??

  5. Ya know? He's really not, just a little on his belly, but he was rather thin skinned (from being light?) I'm not sure. But, he is looking great. More muscle building up. I'll try to get some pics. and send them.



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