Thursday, July 14, 2011

We had a wonderful 4th of July week at our condo, at Lake Chelan.

For the first time in a LONG time, our entire family was together WITH the grandkids!  And while I REALLY love it when we are all together, it seems that putting grown ups with 5 grandkids (ages 7-10) can wear on everyone after a week.

So, one of our last afternoons, we hired our niece (who was in another condo) to watch the kids and we adults took ourselves to several wineries, tasted several great wines, bought some and had a fabulous pizza made in an outdoor oven.

I love doing the wine tastings, they give you 4-5 tastes (small pours) but it's just enough to sample as well make you a bit happy!

One day, Jamie, me, Tyler and Avaa went down and took a ceramics class.  It was outdoors, down by the lake. The lady had all the supplies, we just picked what we wanted to make and painted it.  She then fired them and we got to pick them up the next day.  This is a mug I did.  Everything turned out so cute!  Makes me want to do more ceramics for sure.

Below, is a couple other views of all my artwork....hee! hee!

And, we spent one day at the water park doing all the slides and river runs.  Tons of fun!  Here is a picture of my 3 grandsons.  Tyler, Luke and Connor.  All 7 years old!  What one doesn't think of the others will..... :-)  That blue flapper looking thing on Lukes arm is a cast cover....He broke his arm falling down the ladder of his bunk bed.  Ugh!  Glad it wasn't on my watch!

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  1. The mugs are so cute!! Glad you all had fun!!
    Can't wait to see you in August!



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