Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day

My daughter works at a middle school in the office.  She asked if I'd make a cake for Staff Appreciation Day and this is what I did.
The staff got a kick out of their report card I put on top: Giving them an A+ in all the typical topics but also including:
Hygiene, Compassion and Manners.
It's a pity our schools seem to be spending time on these topics instead of the academics that are important.  I'm just sayin.....

Okay off topic......

All three tiers are cake (hence why my apple is a bit odd shaped) and the decorations are fondant and the paint brush/pencil I made out of gumpaste.

The bottom tier is chocolate and Orange citrus layers - with Bavarian Cream filling
The middle tier is Red Velvet cake - White chocolate, cream cheese filling
The top apple is Vanilla coconut cream cake - Raspberry filling


  1. Oh yum! You need to come this way and bake me some goodies!

  2. Mama H. I'd love to! We'll have to plan so I can see that baby!

  3. Wow, great cake, as usual! Wait, did you say that schools are spending too much time on those other issues and less on academics? That seems opposite of what I've observed. I think too much time is spent on academics in the lower grades (maybe this is different in public versus private schools.) I think manners and compassion are pretty important skills to learn, too! ;-)

  4. Another creative cake! I'm with Ranch Girl Diaries, the kids need it all. Here in New York, the state has put so many requirements on the elementary teachers, they can't fit everything in. It seems that teaching to the test has become the most important thing and there is an enormous amount of pressure.

    Thanks for visiting my Journal, have not heard from you in ages.

  5. No, I think you misunderstood me. I worked for the public school district for 23 years. And have 4 relatives who teach/principals. What I MEANT was, I feel the teachers are being expected to teach these things (instead of the parents doing their part on these subjects.) While I know there are many parents who are VERY involved, there are twice that many who "are too busy" or too involved with their own lives that everything falls on the schools to teach. Too many students come to school with no breakfast, unbrushed teeth, unbathed, no sleep and no homework done. Teachers spend so much time trying to help those or even disciplining those that valuable time is taken from actual "teaching" of academics. I'm perfectly capable and feel its my duty to teach those subjects to my kids, not the teachers responsibility. But, I agree, the kids NEED that, I just wish more parents would step up to the plate.



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