Friday, February 11, 2011

A Mule, and Can Bangers

 Today, I went riding with one of Desert Roses friend Claire.  Poor Desert Rose was down sick with this same awful stuff, many seem to be fighting lately.

So, I took Lady and she was on her trusty Mule that she rides named Amos. 

While we were out, she offered to let me try riding her Mule (I never had!) and I jumped at the chance.  I was curious how they were different.

I was amazed at how sure-footed he was!  I definately got a waist work out as he rocks you forward and back like an exercise machine! But, when going on a steep downhill, rocky trail, I felt like his feet were "just solidly planted" is about the best way to describe it. No slipping, trotting out of it, he just felt like a tank! Solid....
His personality was sooo sweet!  He's a real babysitter.  But, evidentally, with a Mule, you MUST work together as a team.  He will do what you say, and take good care of you, but you must understand that "occasionally" he will excercise his stubborness.  Such as, it bothered him if Lady fell behind, so he would just stop and wait for matter how much you kick him, he would'nt go until she caught up to him!   Silly Mule....
This was quite fun, I'm greatful to have had the chance.  Another one to add to my list of ponies I've ridden!

Also, notice the things on my lower legs rather than wearing chicks?  Well, these are one of the purchases I made while at Cowboy Christmas.....They're called Can Bangers.  Created for Barrel Racers, but "others" wear them for rocky terrain trails.  They have a very strong guard inside that really protects my knees and legs from big, sharp rocks, trees and anything that might "get" my leg/knee out there. Cousin Eeeee would like these!  They are much more comfortable for me, over chinks.  I'm so short legged, that chinks feel cumbursome to me. These make it easier for me to mount too.  I can actually go pee in the woods without going on the DR's  chinks!

It's hard to see here, but these are made of a beautiful "tooled" leather.

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  1. Amos is very protective of Lady...and will not get out of her sight!!! Too bad he can't do anything about his lust for her ;) The can bangers have saved you a few times already haven't they???



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