Friday, February 18, 2011

Johhny Mathis Concert!

Wow, I just have to say....I have THE BEST cousin ever!  Desert Rose and her HP invited me to meet them for dinner one night when my DH was gone. 
We planned to meet for dinner and play at the Casino for a bit before THEY went to their Johnny Mathis concert, that they had tickets for.

Well, HP decided to go looking for a ticket for me,he went to the ticket box, no luck.  They told him he could hang around there a bit, and sometimes people have tickets to sell.  (Look out scalpers!!) 

WA LA!  He found a lady who had one, and he bought it for me so I could go with them! I was afraid he might have paid scalper prices, but it turns out he didn't.....I really DID have a hundred dollar seat! 

I had a GREAT seat at stage level.  I kept looking all over for Desert Rose and HP, but never did see them. 
So,..... I sat back and enjoyed a wonderful concert!  Johhny Mathis may be mid 70's but BOY OH BOY can he still sing!  It sent shrills through me when he hit the high notes.

But, ya know?  I REALLY felt bad when we met afterwards and I realized that I had a better seat than DR and HP did for it!  Opps....big hugs for HP!
I can't thank them enough for doing this for me....


  1. so gald you enjoyed. it...we jsut love him!

  2. Love your site. Thanks for stopping by mine. I noticed that we share favorite books. The Art is one of my faves (I make all my kids do their school book projects on that dude & it made me bawl like a baby). Plus the Twi's...well duh eh? Your photos are so pretty!



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