Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maybe it's the weather but,  I'm getting the itch to be down in the sun again!  This picture reminds me of a great day I had with my friend Jamie (and Trainer) in Yuma. 
  On this day, we were headed down to the river to swim with the horses.  It was hot, and a very nice river to swim in. 
This was my first day (out of the round pen) riding bareback.  Hense the helmet.  I am weird about wearing my helmet these days....I sort of go by my gut feeling.  Sometimes I feel comfortable going without, And, somedays, I feel like I just need it.  But, if I know we might be playing a bit and loping, I definately wear it.

While riding bareback  I did feel the need.  If I began to lose my seat/balance, I only had the mane to grab and  thought this would be one of those days to be helmeted.

Awww....I'm ready for the warmth again!  Jamie says she might come up to Palm Desert to ride with my cousin Jane and myself. I hope so... I'm really missing her!  


  1. I'm sure she can't wait to hit the trails too!

  2. Oh I hope Jamie comes and rides with you! But not during our cousins weekend that is coming up, LOL! ;-)
    I used to feel that way about my helmet....but now I mostly feel I need to wear it all of the time. The fact my Ranch Boy wears one religiously due to the head injury he incurred when he fell of a horse as a teen is motivation enough for me! xo

  3. Pony Girl, do you have a date for seeing us in P.S. yet?



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