Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween lanterns

I was in the mood to be a bit crafty this year.  I wanted to do this with my grandkids, but it never seemed to work out when they were here....So, I did them myself! 
One quick clean out of the refrigerator and I had 5 jars! :-)

I made Halloween lanterns out of jars.  Cute aren't they?  Thought I'd share this with you!
How cute would these be on your porch during Halloween?

Tissue paper in variety of colors
Clean (delabled) jars varying sizes and shapes
Paint brush
Stick ons (for one of the jars)
Tea lights

Peel labels off jars, wash and dry. (It's ok that you have some of the label glue left behind it won't matter.

Cut or tear several colors of tissue paper into triangles and odd shapes.

Paint one jar at a time with thin layer of decopage then apply tissues in all different directions.  They can overlap.  Paint over tissue papers with another thin layer of decopage.  Let dry.

Add a couple stick ons for interest.  Cut black tissue pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth (paint thin layer of decopage on these and let dry.)

Place tea lights in bottoms of jars and light!

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