Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why did YOU begin blogging?

A hobby?  A venue for your business? A creative outlet?  Maybe you were lonely and looking to make more friends? Whatever the reason you began Blogging I'm sure you will agree, it has become a  lot more significant to you now, am I right? 
For me, it started as a place to share horsemanship adventures with family and cousins but soon evolved into a daily opportunity to go on a virtual vacation and become inspired.
I gain decorating ideas from all over the country.  Fabulous cooks and bakers transport me to savory and sweet heaven.

Before I even realized it, I've become interested in Causes, other peoples collections and styles, and learned about Artists I would have otherwise never known about.  And then there's the pictures...Awww the pictures! 
They speak volumes. Some of you have inspired me to actually "think" about moving beyond a point and shoot. But,.... one step at a time.
However, the writing part was and still is a stumbling block for me.  When I was a young girl I used to keep a dairy, you know the kind, you kept secure with that "little key" for fear someone might get at my most inner thoughts?  "No one should ever be allowed to see that!"  As if I had anything significant to write about....   Maybe, it's that  fear of "the critics",  that holds me back.  Afterall, I was always my English teachers worst nightmare.  I actually wrote the "uhs"... Consequently, blogging has been a slow process for me. 
Although, so far, I've not found any critics, just loving support from other women, who share common enthusiasm for the things that I enjoy...but more important, it's my hope that I could actually be inspirational or of help to someone else.

I try to come into my blog each day with that "Life is good" attitude.   But, it's not fair to my followers to only show that part of me when, everyone knows that life isn't good "everyday."  So I try let them see every side of me, the vulnerable, the mom, wife and grandmother.  The strong side, the brave, scared and determined. There is something about "speaking to the universe" in this way that forces me to look deeper into myself  to decide how I really feel about something before I write. It has taught me to choose my words carefully because by the time I put it into words, and carefully edited it, I begin to see that the magnitude of my blessings overshadow the trials I might be facing. "blog-erapy." Can I invent that word?  Much less expensive than your typical therapy and many would argue, better. ;-)

Now, I invite you to take a few minutes here, to share with us, why you began blogging and what it has brought to your life?


  1. I began blogging as a way for Jack's original owner to still be able to be a part of his life. Then I realized there were a lot of middle aged women like me who were slightly inspired by the life Jack and I share. I started meeting people and reading really interesting writer's. The world is full of wonderful people and blogging has allowed me to meet some of them.

  2. I started blogging mainly because my sister did, and I also started reading blogs about a year before I started blogging myself. I found that there were so many good people out there, and was a wonderful way to share happenings with family and other horsey people.
    I have really enjoyed it, but do find the time to actually blog has become quite difficult. I have had to cut back on how often I post, it is very time consuming. But I have no plans to stop, especially with that little Mustang I have to train.

  3. I too started to blog and follow family members. Now I love to follow all kinds of blogs, from horse blogs to decorating and everything else. I think that it is interesting to read about other people sharing their lives with you. Alot of them become like family and they give you support and don't judge you. I know I can count on family but I can count on my blogging friends too! I know that I am not the best writer or story teller but Its still a way to share a part of your life!! Love all my family and blogging friends!

  4. I started blogging to keep in touch with my beloved family. It has grown into making many wonderful new friends as well. I Love to read comments on my posts and cherish each and everyone one of them. I love to sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and read all the new posts. I enjoy the variety I follow. I am always in awe of some of the beautiful writing I read. I am not very good at it. I just plow throught it!!!

  5. I started blogging to keep my family up to date about my adventures with my horse. I decided to go public and just kept at it from there, it has sort of evolved over time.
    I am going through a phase with my blogging right now. I'm just so busy and have a lot of other things going on, I'm not finding the time I once had for it.

  6. I began blogging to pass recipes and stories about people and places to my daughters.

  7. I just wanted to have another way to be involved with horses and now that my family is horse crazy too it is a perfect way for us to stay in touch and meet great new friends. Once someone follows a PONY COUSIN...they end up following us all and we have become one big happy family!



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