Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank you Kenzie!

Like my new Header?

I would like to thank Kenzie from "Cute Links for You"  for this new makeover on my blog.  I WON SOMETHING!!! Can you believe it??? 

I entered a contest on her blog and was thrilled when she informed me I had won.  So, maybe now I'll be tempted to keep this one for a while! hee! hee!  Although, I can still change the background....I'll just find something to coordinate with these headers and footers. 

Thanks again Kenzie!


  1. Wow, what a fun win! It looks great! I don't have a widescreen monitor so it looks like your fancy side decor ("frame"?) is covering some of your text, for example, the "po" in "post a comment" is on top of the swirly decor, making it a little hard to read. Is that just me because my monitor doesn't "stretch" it out?

  2. It looks like that on my monitor too. Love the new look. I am in serious need of a change. I will have to go visit the lovely Sares!!!

  3. Looks great, congratulations on your win!

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment.

  4. Thanks, it's always a work in progress. I think I'm liking the simple "no background" right now. I'm going to try this different template for a while...bare with me!



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