Monday, February 1, 2010

Still hearing it....

This mountain experience we went through....I know we made some real boo boos and have learned some real lessons, but boy are we taking some ribbing from friends!!!

I received a package in the mail today,  a brown wrapped box.  What could this be?  I haven't ordered anything....Well I order things all the time and then forget about them, and am VERY surprised when they are delivered.  But, HONESTLY they never come in plain,, brown wrapped boxes!!!
Hmmmm, Then, I see it's from a friend back home who never sends me things, but I remember when talking to her a while back she did casually mention she needed my address for something she wanted to send me.  I just figured it was an invitation to a party or something.                                                                                                                                               

So, the Ah Ha! moment....but, a box? Hmmm.

Knowing might just jump out at me!

Oh my gosh!!  It's...It's....a Oh no, she didn't!!! 
It's a  gynormous Bic Lighter!  Ha! Ha!

I didn't even know they made these things this big!!!   Ok, from here on out, I shall always know where "this" lighter is!   Thank you Patti!!!

Well Desert Rose and Bossman? 

I come well prepared for fire next time!


  1. Wow...we will have to pack a carton or 2 of cigarettes to go with that!!! The Bossman has been called the Pathfinder by a few boarders and when Cowboy and Mama H were here to ride with me Spanky crossed himself as we drove out of the stable!!!

  2. Wow, I guess you will be all ready next time!

  3. Now you certainly can't misplace that!

  4. That is just way too cute! You will be able to start a fire now, won't ya?

  5. You can light many a fire with that baby! It's got enough fuel in it to last a lifetime too!

  6. HILARIOUS!!! So glad that you've got a sense of humor about the whole ordeal too. DR is right, when we rode with her a couple weekends ago, everyone looked at us like we were crazy! Spanky sent a little prayer up for us!

  7. Poor Desert Rose, she and Bossman are really taking a least I get to claim the victim in this one! LOLO I still think she should have to give me a pair of her chinks for endangering my life don't ya think????



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