Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve with the Vampires...

Get your crosses out, I'm braving the cold ones....:-)

We are spending New Years Eve in Forks where its said, there are Vampires and Werewolves there.....
But, I have be brave, my sister misses me and she lives there,.... yes, among them!
So, I figure if she can raise her family among them I can brave it for a few days to see my nieces and nephews..... (the things we do for our families!)

Jacob here I come!    (What!? Old girls dream too! It's those arms....)

(I wonder what sickness I should come down with so I can see Dr. Cullin?)

Or, maybe I'll just have to settle for spending time with their dog NAMED Cullin.  (He'd just be a little snack for a vampire!...)

My sister keeps complaining that "We NEVER come there and see her..."   Well Duh!   You have Vampires and Werewolves there! 
So, we have secretly planned a surprise visit to her today.  Of course her hubby is in on it....we couldn't just show up in case they had plans.  Hopefully she will like her surprise???

So, wish us luck! and you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Oh, and when I get back,  if you notice that I'm blogging all through the night too?  Then you can start worrying about me....hee! hee!   No, scratch that!  I'm hormonal, I do that anyway!


  1. Please don't let them get you!!! Have a wonderful visit with your sister. I am missing you too. Time for a get together. I was up late last night too. Until 2 AM last night.
    Happy New Year Dear Cousin!!!

  2. Oh, how fun!! I hear the Cullens are having a huge bash at their place. You know Alice, she goes ALL OUT!
    Please tell Edward hi and that he still owes me a drink. :)
    I think your sister will be thrilled with the surprise!! Happy new year!1

  3. Happy New Year, Bronco! One word for your trip: GARLIC.

  4. Try wearing a turlte neck sweater...or wrap barb wire around your neck! LOL When will you be here??? I need to schedule Jesse for you!

  5. I think Pony Girl needs a reality check! She is one obsessed woman. Have fun with your sister and stay out of the woods! Happy New year!

  6. D.R., We arrive on the 6th, need to get MH out of storage, checked into our spot at resort, go stock groceries etc, etc... Just get settled.
    I will be ready to ride on Friday (8th!) And I'm looking forward to going with your horseclub and Corky again too! Last ride being on 17th. We depart on 18th. Looking forward to seeing Jesse!



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