Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fat Fridays....

Hay! Dusty Devoe! I'm so happy to have someone to play with! thanks! It helps SOOO much to have someone to account to!

Live and Learn..

As I said, I ate Teriyaki last night and it's full of sodium so, I probably am retaining fluids more today...but, I am still at 157 today.

However! I did get up and go to Yoga today, so I am still being good girl. Drinking water, not eating carbs, and pushing fruits and veggies.

I figure as long as I'm doing something more than I did before and eating less than I did before, I HAVE to drop weight...

I'm also trying to cut down on the diet sodas, but that's also a weakness of mine....

Dusty Devoe! How are you doing???

My goals for this next week:

1. Get in at least 30 mins. exercise of some kind DAILY!

2. Try to include one new "light" recipe in my menu

My inspirational picture for this week :-)


  1. I simply have to drop some of the pounds that have somehow latched themselves on to me. I am trying to reform my eating habits.... but unfortunately the old chocolate is a vegetable theory has got to's my biggest obstacle in this course of losing weight.

  2. Good luck with your new eating habits. Please let me know what works for you. My weaknesses are carbs and sugar. I am trying to drop a few pounds...7 or 8, to be exact. I know it isn't much, but those extra few pounds make a difference on my body. They cling to my stomach and I MUST fit into my Cruel Girl jeans for the cousin's stampede this year. It is non-negotiable. I am only allowing myself two "sweets" per week (I can't give them up completely) and trying to walk at least 12 miles per week. My biggest problem is a don't own a scale, so I can't track my weight. The true test will be if those darn jeans fit in 8 weeks.

  3. Welcome Joyful Chaos, and good luck! Horse Dreams! Does this mean you are playing with us too? It doesn't matter how large or small your "issue" is, like I said we are just going to help each other with them with ideas, support, and the KNOWING we have to account on Fridays. I know that will help me! Who knows? I might even find a pair of Cruel Girls myself??? LOLO



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