Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fat Fridays....

Here I am, asking you to be my support group, someone to make me accountable and someone to pat me on the back at times. I have found myself with 30 extra lbs. that have taken up residence on my a-- without my permission. This is it. I feel out of control. By putting it out here, for all to read I'm hoping this helps me have an incentive to get in shape!
I've seen other blogs doing this, such as "Skinny bitch", "Trim the fat Thursdays", etc....I decided to turn to my cousins....
I have tried every diet in the world, but NOT THIS TIME! I'm going to try it the healthy way. By cutting desserts, carbs (not all, but most of the extra ones), pushing more water, pushing more excercise and smaller portions...(that ones hard for me.)
Soooo, I would appreciate any help and or support that anyone has for me...or if anyone would like to jump on this chuckwagon with me to work this program together I'd love the company! No matter how large or small your issue is, it might be nice to have someone to check in with each week to see how we are doing, share tips, ideas, and even light recipes?
Either way, I will be giving an accounting of how I'm doing...and I hope you will join me in my journey.
I started 3 days ago at 160lbs. (did I really say that?) :-(
Today: I was at 157 lbs.

So far here is what I've been eating: Don't worry,....I won't make you listen to my food intake every day... But I will check in with my progress each Friday....hence "Fat Fridays." Let me know if you wish to join me ok?

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with skim swiss cheese
* coffee/s.free creamer
* glass water
Lunch: (example: one of these choices)
*veggies/low fat dip
*tomatoe slices/cottage cheese
* tuna salad in tomatoe

Snack: Light, chocolate Soy (strawberry) smoothie

Dinner: (Example: One of these choices)
*Chicken southwest salad/dressing
* Blackened tilapia fish - pineapple/gr. pepper salsa, asperagus, 1/2c. brown rice
* Teriyaki Dinner - A little of everything, but smaller portions!

Evening snack: Diet soda or Crystal light (only drink about 1/2 cup.)

Note: After eating Teriyaki tonight, we'll see if lbs. come back on tomorrow...:-(


  1. Count me in!!! The South Beach Diet worked really good for me. I don't want to lose much, but I will play with you. I am also hitting curves really hard. I been a bad girl.

  2. Well...I've lost 7 lbs since you last saw me B...my meds were acting up again and had to go off them for about a week. Most of it is fluid retention because of the edema! I also would love to get another 10lbs off around the middle.( I have no ass) LOL Not sure I want to join a club called FAT FRIDAYS though!!!

  3. Yea I know, but "Skinny Bitch" was taken! hee! hee! We won't take it personally...and it will keep us on track! :-)

  4. Count me in, I'm only about seven pounds behind you since I quit smoking! Have been riding bikes and trying to walk and maybe eat a little better. I even bought a pair a jeans fojr the cousins trip that are a little to small to get motivated! Don't know if I will make it though! I'd be happy with five pounds at this rate!



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