Monday, June 29, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

I was awarded this "Honest Scrap Award" by my Pony Cousin "Paint Girl."

This is my first experience with these kinds of bare with me.

It appears this one requires me to be honest about 10 things about myself, that you might not know....then pass this onto 10 other people, but, I'm only tagging a few as I don't have that many blogger friends yet, and don't want to make people repeat....
Ok, here goes:

10 Things about myself, you might not know:

1. I like having my feet massaged.

2. I get nervous in cluttered areas - much like my cousin Paint girl?

3. I have an obsessive fear of losing children or granchildren.... :-(

4. I love German food and dark beer

5. I often yearn for quiet time, then when I get it...find I quickly feel lonely! Whats up with that?

6. I can't STAND ugly feet or teeth. I think people should at least "try" to take care of these with flossing, brushing and cleaning/moisturizing.

7. I wish I could have another dog, I'd feel safer, but hubby just doesn't want one.

8. When I was young, a boy chased me with a snake and ended up throwing it against my back. I have hated/feared snakes ever since.

9. I love fishing even though I rarely get to do it. I find it really relaxing.

10. I have a bit of a germ fetish - especially when it comes to food prep.
Here are the 10 lucky blog friends I'm awarding this too, hope you have fun with it!
1. Jans Place
2. Desert Rose
3. Palamino girl
4. CowgirlJlynn
Remember to link up with the people you have tagged and let them know you've left something for them on your blog!


  1. You and I have a lot in common! Fear of snakes, love to fish, love quiet time.
    Thanks for playing and sharing!

  2. L love your list of 10... I smiled and chuckled at some of them :) and have I said thank you? I thought I had.. than was shocked to see I did not thank you for awarding me as well.

    Thank you :)!

  3. Ya those snakes can usually bring most cowgirls to tears! LOL Thank you for the award however I just did the Honest scrap award awhile back so will decline to re-post.



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