Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Durango takes a spill

While free lunging the other day, my boy took a spill.

He just slipped while going into a turn and went over.

It scared me, I thought he could be hurt.....But, he managed to get up, shake it off and take off running again!

He seemed we went ahead and did a gentle workout.

I was back there today again, and he still seems fine, so I guess this was my lucky day.


  1. I was lunging a horse and she did a full on somersault! It was so scary! But she was totally fine too. It's absolutely crazy that these huge falls don't even phase them. Glad to hear that Durango is ok!

  2. Working at the Arab farm, while lunging or during turnout, horses fell ALL the time. Not one EVER got hurt. At the beginning when I first started working there, it kinda freaked me out. But you get used to it. It just happens and is totally normal for them to have a "spill". It's amazing how they just jump right back up and act like it never happened! I know if I took a spill, I probably would not be getting back up again! LOL!!
    Glad Durango is doing good!!

  3. Yea, I was videoing at the time, then I just took a still shot from the video, because we ALL KNOW I can't seem to upload a video on my blog!...ugh!



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