Sunday, January 1, 2012

Before and after Bathroom makeover

We'v  lived in this house for 23 years and it was in desperate  need of some updating.  While it's still in progress (and probably will be for the next several years...) I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the recent progress.

This is my downstairs bathroom (guest powder room).  Keep in mind, it has a door that goes through to the laundry room.
I know the favorite style on most of the blogs I read, tend to be more vintage or farmhouse style, but, I just CAN'T COMMIT to one style.....I love tendencies of MANY styles....and, while I love looking at those and imagining my house being like that, they just don't get along with my DH.  So, my best alternative is to go with things that we both like.  Which tends to be a bit on the traditional style with some hints of all the other styles that appeal to me.
So, I had this small, awful powder room that had only one redeeming quality.  We had nice tile put down a couple years ago.   I still love it so we will work around that.

This bathroom has a very small vanity, but it had MAUVE laminate!  Ugh....And, it had a toilet with it's own personality...
Typical,... I forgot to take a picture of the bathroom BEFORE we started tearing everything out. The work crew gave us one days notice that they could come and do this before my holiday.  We jumped on it!

So, here it is after we got the vanity ripped up and the toilet out.
Notice that ugly, outdated wallpaper on the back wall (laundry).  Thats coming down soon too!

Also, another item I refurbished was this outdated vanity light.  It was BRASS... I figured I had nothing to lose if I ruined it so I got my black Rustoleum paint can and went to town painting it black!  Now this, I wish you could have seen before....WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!
All of a sudden, I loved it, and I appreciated more the glass accents on it!  It now goes so much better with my black framed mirror, and still retaining that vintage look.

Love the Travertine countertop and the backsplash is a mixture of travertine and glass tiles.  MY FAVORITE!

 So, New toilet (that makes almost no sound while flushing and its got a lid that lowers itself down (without slamming).  Love it!  I know, who gets excited about a new toilet?  Well, if you've lived with one that moves sideways when you sit, or slams down while the little grandsons are trying to pee, you will appreciate what I'm appreciating.... ;-)

We had to strip the wallpaper AND texture the walls...This my DH and I did ourselves. I really am getting too old to do that kind of stuff! 

 We painted an Indian bead color.  Which just happened to go well with a painting I already had.

Here it is finally all put together.  Im thinking of having a friend show me how to glaze the walls, that might be something that would make this pop even better.

So, now that's done.  On to the next bathroom.

Upstairs in the guest bath, I had gross white/grey vinyl that was beginning to curl.

Yep still no before picture, sorry it came out so fast I was too excited.

 Not a huge change to this room, but having the flooring redone was huge satisfaction to me!
I would have liked to do the counter top  too, but it is still in great shape and I couldn't convince the DH at this time.  
I still am very happy with the tiles as they pick up the grey counter top AND the brown in my hallway carpet. 

 So that's it!  hope you enjoyed.


  1. Love the downstairs bathroom. It looks really nice!

  2. They both look great. I like the color on the wall in the half bath. Are you going to do a similar color scheme in the laundry?

  3. Wow this looks awesome :)

    Nice blog :)


  4. Sares, actually yes, that room will be attacked next!



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