Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Dorango

Well, as you all know, it's been a draining year.  First thinking about getting my own horse, to actually SHOPPING for that horse, only to fall for one, who I thought was perfect, then he didn't pass TWO vet checks. (Why two? I guess I just wanted to hear what I wanted to hear.)
Anyway, as much as I cried at having to return Cody,  when we got there  I braced myself for a sad, tearful goodbye but, as soon as I led him into his previous pasture, I unbuckled his halter and OFF HE WENT!  Running with his tail up, running and greeting his pasture partners over the fence....prancing like a kid who'd just been turned loose at Disneyland!  Well I'll be.....
So, that made it easier to move on now that I know he isn't standing in the field whinnying for me.... :-(


The lady who owned Cody, asked if I'd like to "try" Dorango?  We originally had thought he was too  much horse for me, so we hadn't given him much attention that day....But, she had had him out on trail rides and said "he's real good".  I'm not sure I believed her but decided that if he was gentle enough to load up good for me, I'd try him out while we were at our Pony Cousin Stampede.  After all what did I have to lose?  If he misbehaved, he's spend the weekend sitting in the stall.

We rode him on trails, no spooking, he did real good and he had great ground manners too.
We all kept waiting for him to mess up, do something terrible, and....he just didn't!

So, Desert Rose and I decide we should go out alone, to "set him up" and see just what he would do if challenged with different environment.  DR rode out on "the King."  a MFT belonging to cousin "Cowgirljlynn."  This is where Dorango began to showed his vices.  We let him lead and we were in a pretty fast gait.  Now, this really upset King who likes to be in front, so he was mad to begin with!  Well, we got to a spot where the trail came to a fork, (about this time I hear DR yell, I'm stopping! but it all happened so fast.)  Well, I drove Dorango left, and he THREW HIS HEAD! and pretty much jumped over to the other trail!  I didn't handle this well, I lost my reins, and about this time, he realized he had his head free and began to run.  I was grabbing for Mane and reins like a crazy woman, GOT THEM,  and pulled him into a one rein stop/spin.  Whew!!  I thought I was going off there for a moment.  I turned to see DR just starring at me, as she had just gone through a bucking episode with King at the same moment!  Which was why she was stopping..... Now weren't we two train wrecks?.....We decided no more gaiting, King wanted to make it a race, and Dorango just wanted to go where he wanted!  
We spent the next 30 mins. walking and making Dorango go where I TOLD HIM TOO.
So, even tho I'd never want to repeat that, I believe that was his worst.

I have brought him home for a two week trial, and I'm riding him in arena, working with things like lunging etc.
I have a vet check for him on Thursday.  We'll see how this goes!  I also have a lesson with a woman who is a TW breeder and trainer also on Thursday.  I've decided to try someone (for lessons) who is very knowledgable on TW's.  I also feel we need to find him the right bit, and work together on his reining, and side passing.  His previous owner said he never threw his head like that, and I found out he was riding him in a snaffle and a hackamore. I just may be being too harsh with the bits etc.  
Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!

And, if all goes well, I'll get more pictures for you!


  1. I'm hoping that Durango works out for you, I think he could be a really good horse for down in the desert with the kind of riding that they do. I have a beautiful head shot of him I will get sent off to you in the next couple of days and a couple of good ones of you on him. love you, jeanette

  2. I hope that the lesson goes well,and that you get some good input! I was wondering if that kind of bit was what he was accustomed to, and could be accounting for the head tossing. I am going to see Durango's owner tomorrow, let me know if there is anything you want me to tell him or ask! ;-) I do think Durango is a handsome boy who needs his own person.

  3. I thought Durango was a very good boy. I sure hope he passes the vet check. Then he will be all yours!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Really Ranch Girl? Hell yea, ask him everything you can think of about him! Including what kind of bit he was most comfortable in. And if he ever did that "bullying" on the trail with him?
    Did he gait much on the trails? Or do more trail riding with others. Did he ever play games on him in the arena?
    So, is he coming to the ranch for something? AND....what is he riding now? Why'd he sell him?
    Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks Cowgirljlynn, I'd love to have those pics.!



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