Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashion Luncheon

 Since I'm layed up these days (recovering from fractures in the back) I don't have many adventures to blog about.  (I know whaaaaa.....)

                                                                                                     So.....I remembered one fun thing I did do prior to my accident.

I went to this Fashion Luncheon with my SIL where they were "featuring" a designer that she and I buy alot of.

Her name is Jamie Sadock and she specializes in Golf Attire and Resort wear.

I have never been to a high fashion show where they play the music, walk the runway and even feature what I call the "futuristic" styles.  Ya know how when you see the high fashion shows on t.v., and they look like things you would NEVER be caught dead in, unlesss you were going to a costume ball?   Everything is SEVERLY EXAGGERATED?  Well, they did that after all her "realistic" designs were shown.  I found it interesting and fun!
And of course, you KNOW i'm all about food so I was very interested in what was on the menu.
Here we are at the table, and notice the pretty flowers in the center?  Well, I won those by having a red dot under my luncheon plate.  They were beautiful!  But, after enjoying them for one day in my MH (remember, limited space?)  So, I gave them to my SIL to enjoy in her home.

Of course, While we were in the lobby, we got complimentary champagne! LOVED THAT....

And once we were seated, we were served wine with our lunch.

I found this salad to be my favorite item served that day.  It was "GRILLED ROMAINE"  with a fabulous cheesy Italian dressing, a bit of grilled tomatoe salsa and a parmesan crisp.  I could've eaten two of these and skipped the rest of the lunch!
I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of the main entree, guess we were too busy talking....opps.

But, I DID capture the dessert!  Duh, have I ever missed one?
I mean, Being a Pastry Chef, I consider it "required research" to eat every dessert I come across....  What I NEED to do is remember  to "taste" them, not eat them.

But, this dessert didn't rate very high on my scale.

While it was presented well,  the taste was just ok....It had a nice pastry cream inside for filling, but other than that, the fruit, figs and apricots on top didn't ring my bell.  And the crust was a "purchased" pastry cup which I found to be tasteless and hard.  The sauce was nice though.

My pictures were a bit blurry, sorry....

With our ticket to this gala, we received a  $30.00 certificate towards any purchase!  Hmmmm, I like that.

So, after the show, we joined the MOB of shoppers at the storefront and I got a great pair of black capris.

The thing we like most about Jamie Sadocks styles is, we can wear them elsewear too.
They are nice enough that we truly go from the golf course, out to lunch or even dinner in her stuff.

 If you're interested in seeing some of her styles, just google Jamie Sadock.

Update on me?:  I'm doing well, getting alittle better everyday!  I can now get around without help from DH.  I just can't pick up things that I drop.  Can't lift much.  But am going to the pool everyday and doing some gentle therapy.  The doctors said 8-12 weeks for healing, I THINK I'm a bit ahead of that, but we will see....I know it will probably be that long before I get on a horse.


  1. Sorry to have missed that with you but... if it ain't cowgirl...I aint' going :)))

  2. Sounds like fun! I've never been to a fashion show. Sorry about your back; I hope you heal up quickly!



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