Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love em....Everytime I'm in a store I find myself heading for their Tablescapes they set up.  I am so inspired by beautiful ones.  And when I'm antique shopping, I love to find buys on serving pieces, linens and tablecloths.

This year, we are forgoing Christmas decorations because we will be leaving the day after for down south.

The one thing I can't go without during the holidays, is setting a nice table!
Here is one I've done lately.  I've had the gold chargers for years, the linen napkins are from a little antique shop in CA. But, my favorite item here are my salad/dessert plates that I bought about 5 years ago.  They have french writing, with some beautiful aged looking pears and gold trim.  They just make me feel good.  And...I know my silver is placed incorrectly (according to "proper" etiquette) but I know you'll love me even with flaws huh?  LOL 

I only wish I could buy as many dishes as the blogger friend I follow called Tablescapes.  She has fantastic ideas.

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