Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cowboy Christmas!...

I am sooo excited to be invited to Cowboy Christmas this year with my two best friends down in Palm Desert. 

Most of you will remember our ovenight ordeal of being lost (Ah hem,...WE weren't  lost, just lost the trail!)
On the Pacific Crest Trail last January.  Well, these two partners in crime and I became VERY good friends during that ordeal. hee! hee! (See older posts)....

I've missed riding with them and can't wait to have an entire season with them this winter!

But, in the meantime we are all meeting in Las Vegas and doing the Cowboy Christmas experience!  Whoo Hoo!  I can't imagine the things I might find to buy down there, but I've been saving my pennies, and my hubby, mother in law, sister in law and I actually had a very lucrative day at the Casino a few days ago!   I was playing a penny slot machine and got it up to $716.00 before I cashed out!  I've never won like that before.  All I could say was "Yeah! I have more money for COWBOY CHRISTMAS!"  Minus the lunch bill....Our arrangement is whoever wins, buys lunch. 
Wish me luck on finding some great treasures!


  1. You will have so much fun looking at the goodies down there!! And the cowboy is such a gentleman when it comes to shopping!!

  2. You can do some serious damage with the sort of cash! Have lots of fun!

  3. Have fun!! Hopefully someday I will be able to go to Cowboy Christmas!

  4. G'day Betsy ~ Have a grand time, enjoy spending but save some 'jingles' to come home with. Sounds like fun ...
    Have a great week!
    TFN ~ Hugs, Marydon



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