Sunday, October 10, 2010

I went to the Twilight zone....

My sweet niece turned 16 this weekend....We went to the Twilight Zone to deliver her surprise cake and see the family.

Yes they live in the town of Forks, where the Edward, Bella and Jacobs story plays out.

This is the birthday cake I made for her.  Please excuse the plastic in the bow, it's drying and also the white pins holding the #16 in place to dry too.
The cake is Vanilla with Bavarian Cream and raspberry filling on bottom tier.
The top tier is Red Velvet Cake with Lemony Cream Cheese filling.


On our way there, we stopped in Tenino to watch this same niece play her volleyball game.  It was very exciting! She made 10 kills (or spikes) and here is a picture of her in the air for one of those.  And during the game, her stomach was bothering her, but she pressed on and played well.....Only to begin having lots of pain on the bus ride home.  It turns out, after taking her to the medical clinic the next morning, that she has an ulcer!  Poor thing.... But, she is now on medicine and watching the diet closely....I really hope she's able to heal this up soon.  It's so wierd how these things can creep up on young people....and it's my understanding that one of the things causing some of this is, the high energy drinks kids are drinking so much of these days.  Well, hopefully she is on the right path now, and getting relief.

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