Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Stampede weekend pictures

These are just a few beautiful pictures that were captured during our weekend of the Pony Cousin stampede. I thought you'd all enjoy. This first one is one of all the horses being turned out to pasture at feeding time. It's so neat to see how well trained they get.
Buy simply opening a gate here, closing a gate there, you can manuever an entire herd from one field to another.

These pink little cuties belong to a little cutie named Megan who took to us Pony cousins. She followed Dusty Devoe around alot, but then, we all KNOW how she steals grandchildren so we had to watch her closely! :-)

This is he is the "well loved" dog on the ranch. He actually belongs to Justin, the owners son. And all Penny (the owner) has to say to him when it's time to go home is...."Go home now..." and he heads for home!
This is the draft/cross of the ranch....Isn't she pretty? Yep, she has a bit of an attitude.

These were taken at feeding time, and the kids were allowed to ride on the hay truck. With the dog of course.
I think he kinda liked the company, don't you?
I'll be posting more pictures soon....


  1. great pics! :)

    glad you liked my post.

    you are a noreply-comment. you might want to look at that too.
    I like the current song, but as a rule... you know how I feel about music.
    have a great day!

  2. Love your boots, am thinking about getting me a new pair!!

  3. Cool pictures - and so easy to train horses once you get them started in a daily routine!!! That dog sure is trained, too!

  4. Yes, I thank Pony Girl for most of these pics, we all shared our pics. when we got back and we all know what an eye she has for capturing great shots!



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