Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is me....What's your best move?

Yea right....In my dreams!

But, when I was young I actually did do this. And I keep working at the Yoga, and stretching so I can mount a horse easier, but the older I get the harder it is....

Now my grand daughter is the flexible one in the family. Wouldn't you love to be able to do this still?

You can? Really.... Well, lets see that!....

I'll do a giveaway for any of my followers who will post a picture of themselves doing this EXACT move! Ok, JUST KIDDING...

I wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves. But I am doing a giveaway to see YOUR best move. Winner will be the one who posts the most unique move (position) you reach, that helps keep you flexible.

I'm just curious how much flexiblity YOU still have? I wonder what is really normal for MY age? Can you touch your toes? Stand on your head? Wrap up like a pretzel?

This should be fun....Show us. Small minds want to know.....hee! hee!

What could the giveaway be? A pretty Victorian something? A Shabby Chic Item? Maybe something Twilighty. We can't forget my Culinary friends, Or maybe even Horsy?

Hmmm....guess you'll just have to perform to find out :-)
To enter: Simply:

1. Post a picture of "Your best Move" on your blog with a Link back to mine. (If you can't link back, then simply "refer" to my blog, and me know you posted it ok?)

2. Grab my button on my blog and post it to your sidebar.

Let me know when you've done these so I can be sure to get all entries! Happy stretching...:-)


  1. Could I get a picture of the Man Cub running away from me in the Cemetery at full speed? It's a good thing it's not a heavy traffic area, the little sh**. I can touch my toes but it hurts. I would be afraid to stand on my head, it might snap off! I never could bend over like that, I was lucky if I could almost do the splits!

  2. You can take my picture this week...;)

  3. Well, I see everyone really jumped on this challenge! hee! hee! Oh well...I don't blame ya!



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