Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Times!

Boy, did I hit the ground running this season! As soon as I got back from the desert I had Brides ringing the phone off the hook wanting to book for wedding cakes! Most of these were referrals from my two cake decorating friends who "bless their hearts" are here all season working their businesses and who have booked up already and couldn't do anymore! So...they were referring them to me. Boy, that works out great for me!

But, I am already booked clear through August! (At least as booked as I wish to be....) I have a few dates open that I had plans for, but one weekend I'm doing TWO WEDDINGS back to back!

I'm excited for the 10th to come, as I'm hosting a "Girls Day" for my cake decorating friends to come and spend the entire day here in my shop, where we will demonstrate techniques for each other and share ideas. It'll be alot of fun and a fantastic learning experience.

I'm going to demo the Gelatin Flowers and Butterflies that I learned in Las Vegas at Cake Camp.
My friend is going to show us how she does these beautiful gumpaste shoes and Orchids. (Acutally, here you see Calla Lilly's but the shoes are what we are going to do...)

I will also demonstrate for them how to make the Chocolate Wrapped Petit Fours. Only two of us are demonstrating this day, hopefully someone else will step up and host (and demo) this next time. But I'm hoping to start something fun for us! We have so much fun when we get together... :-)

I'm going to make my "signature" Scones and Quiche for Brunch. Then when we break for lunch I'm making a wonderful "Green Chili Chicken Soup" that I got the "base" for down in Yuma. It's delish! I use a store bought "fresh roasted chicken" in it.
Would you like me to take some pictures of our day to share with you?


  1. Just reading this makes my sweet tooth throb! Being on a diet sucks!

  2. Absolutely I want to see pictures! The cakes look beautiful, I can see why everyone is in demand.

  3. Good news about being booked with cakes!! How much time do you devote to a bride/cake when all is said and done and they are on the way to their honeymoon?

  4. Ohh lets see...About 1 phone call, 10 emails back and forth, 1 in person consultation, (which I have baked "tastings" for) 2 days baking (depending on how may tiers), 1-2 days making "pre-decorations" and fondant/icings, 1 day assembling & decorating. Then...Delivery & Set up. And supplies....I figure I actually make about $3.00 an hour.... :-(
    Not helping my horse fund much....

  5. Of course we want photos! I could not decorate a cake to save my life; but loooove looking at what more talented people can create.



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