Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying one...more...time.

Ok, I'm trying one more time to upload some video of our swimming at the river for you to see. (I know I'm determined if nothing else!)

Unfortunately, this is NOT the really good one where, Sky got in really up to his back and actually swam for a moment. But, I just wanted you to get the idea. For those of you who are on my facebook tho, go to that and look in my photo/ did load on there!
I think I did figure out that only the videos that are "short" will load. The ones that are longer just won't. Sooo....hmmm guess until I figure out how to shorten them (editing) this is all I can post.


  1. it looks like he is trying to get outta the water...are you keeping him in the water??? Is this a different video than the facebook one???
    I wanna do that some day!!!

  2. Yes, this is a different one than on facebook. We were having a bit of a go around in this one! I was trying to get him to go deeper and swim! He was trying to turn around on me. Jamie was just saying to keep coaxing him in, he can do it! She says sometimes you just have to make them.

  3. I'd LOVE to have you bring Jesse and Lady here and do it!



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