Saturday, April 10, 2010

Temporarily Away...

Well, we will be unhooking and heading for home, so I won't be able to blog for a while unless "by chance" I find a computer along the way, or "possibly" get wi-fi one night along the way and can check in with all of you! But, for the most part, I will be away until about April 26th.
Wow, we'v been living in this space for months now! I wonder what my house will feel like when I get home?

When I get back, I will have posts about a ride I'm going to take with Desert Rose, Mama H. and her Cowboy hubby! I'm very excited to meet them! And I know we'll have some great pictures as she's "one of those" really great photographers who has the fabulous camera and knows how to use it! (I'm counting on her to make me look good...)

I haven't said anything to Desert Rose, but I've been nursing a strained lower back for two days, can hardly straighten up, so I'm doing everything I can to get back to normal for this ride.... :-(

I've tried, hot tub, gentle swimming/stretching exercises, heating pad/ice rotations, and Ibruprophin 800's! What else is there??? Oh, I've also tried Vodka/diet sprites with a twist of Lime too!


  1. Have a great ride, and a safe trip back! Looking forward to seeing you next month.

  2. Hope your back feels better and you get to ride! I am sore today, just pressing on my back kills. It's from my lesson, I think I tense up my back. I don't feel stiff or tense, but I imagine that I am, LOL!
    Tell Mama H, Cowboy H, and the DR howdy!!

  3. What are you worried about...I have an arsenel of drugs with me and...there will be the usual bevrages...all you pains are covered!!! do have to saddle your own horse Thatn day!!!

  4. Mama H is a wiz with that camera of hers.
    Maybe you should increase the vodka intake til you cant feel a thing.

  5. LOL! Yea Choleesa, I was counting on her to cover me in great light that day! But, as it turned out she and hubby didn't make it for our ride. :-( We did get to have a quick hello/visit with them tho. Desert Rose and I had a FABULOUS ride that day, I will be blogging later about, I'm on the road right now, on my way home to my kids and grandbabies!!! Can't wait! Catch ya all later!



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