Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pink Saturday!!

Well here we are's PINK SATURDAY.   Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Facilitating This fun event!

I really enjoyed last weeks, cruising through several new sites, meeting several new people who visited my blog!  
While visiting some of their's I came across  Gail @   I LOVE her blog! I spent hours reading how she has given new life to thrift store finds and made them into some of the cutest pieces of furniture and different items.  I know you will enjoy her site too!  Check out her link I've added here...

And as I warned my friends last week, I have unusual and limited pinks in my life as I travel in my Motorhome this winter.  However, YOU have made me look at what things in my days are pink and why?  Why did I pick certain things in pink?  Hmmmm....I think we all pick pink just because it makes us feel good.

But, do you know what this little gadget is? 

I bet some of you are familiar with this...but unless you golf, you might not be.... :-)

I am not only working on my horse riding skills, while traveling down south,  but I'm also finding time to do some golfing.  However....I find it very difficult to keep track of my strokes while chatting with the ladies I golf with, we're walking, talking and laughing about everyday happenings in our lives and by the time we get up to the green, I've lost track of my strokes!  And, rule number one?  Never lose track of your strokes!
You see, Golf is a game of always has been a "gentlemans" game (so to speak).  You must keep track and you MUST report HONESTLY your strokes.  Or people just won't want to ever play with you again.  And because I seem to have such short term memory, (sometimes I swear this thing in my head cuases it...) I lose track easily of my strokes...

So, THIS clever little tool (called a bead counter thingy) LOLO, I truly have heard people call them many different's not really important, because a VERY GOOD golfer won't have one!!!   It hangs on my belt loop, and everytime I take a stroke, I move up a bead.  It really does help me keep track.  UNLESS I have a REALLY BAD hole and run out of beads!  Grrrrr.......

Now, these do come in other colors, but interesting enough?  I picked a PINK one!  

Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. First, lucky you! I dream of escaping Vermont in the winter (okay, and spring, and summer, and fall)! What a great stroke counter. Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. I didn't know what they were at first....but then remembered, a friend who golfed in high school had them on her golf bag when we went many years ago!
    Great new blog you linked us to....she's pretty handy w/power tools and very creative!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a great stroke counter and such a pretty pink. Happy Pinks and Happy golfing.. have a lovely week.

  4. I would need one of these too because I think the golfing wouldn't be enough to hold my attention, I'd have to do some gabbing too! My memory wouldn't allow it, I'd need the beads. Happy Pink and great job on managing the link!

  5. You are so creative with your pink Saturday posts. Sounds like you have a dream life, traveling around in your motor home. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine



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