Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey free Thanksgiving.....darn good!

Ooooohhh, I do love the holidays!
But, sometimes,.... Do you feel like your DH just doesn't quite appreciate how much pride you feel over your dinner that you put on?  Oh, he might say "It was great" when you say "Do you think everyone liked the dinner?" But, the stressing over timing of everything, and not forgetting any ingredients, ya da ya da.... and then THE WORST! Is having some wonderful side dish or deviled eggs completed, in the refrigerator and forget to put it out on the table, only to discover it there AFTER the guests have left  I hate it when that happens.....

So,...  this year because we broke with tradition and "Freed the Turkey"  I wanted to share with you how well my husband did on that Lobster I blogged about?  Now, first of all you have to realize, HE NEVER COOKS!  So this was a big deal to him (and me who does not share my kitchen easily...) I basically told him that that part of the dinner was "ALL HIM" and his responsibility, because I'd be busy with all the other items.....He was really cute...He "read up" on how to prepare it, and "present" it.  He had the grill ready, his tools, the serving plate, spices  AND he did a "test" one the night before, just to check the timing and spices...!                                                          

He even took lots of care to devein them correctly!  This is a picture of him working on them, and our sons friend (who joined us for dinner that day) Seth keeping a close eye on HIS tail!
I think the finished product turned out PERFECT!!!  They looked as good as they tasted.  And he was very proud.  It was cute to see him take pride in the dinner (for once) along with me.  And then afterward, when all guests had gone home to hear him say "I think everyone liked that, and my Lobster tails looked really nice the way I perched them "on top" of the shell instead of inside, don't ya think?"  Hee! Hee!  I  think he finally knows how much work goes into fixing a large dinner at holiday time......I could get to like this.  I hope he learns to love this grilling thing....   And I really hope all of you had a Very Happy Thanksgiving.....
Here is a picture of our son and his two children, Avaa and Luke.  We have so much fun with our grandkids and the holidays are magical with them around.  Avaa is like a little mother to all of us, and Luke tends to  march to his own drum.  He can't be swayed easily.   When and if his sister starts to "boss" him, he tends to get a bit stubborn, but doesn't fight with her, he just quietly ignores her and does it his way! 


  1. Oh ya...even at his ripe old age he is trainable!!! I love your new dinner traditon!
    By the way...are you gonna become a blog decorating fanactic????

  2. Maybe we will have to have him come to the Pony Cousin stampede and let him be our chef!!! Lets you spend more time with the horses!! Hee Hee

  3. Hay! not a bad idea cowgirljlynn, but then how would we get YOU out of the kitchen if he was there??? Hee! Hee!
    And DR, yeeees, I am being very fickle right now on my blog...Can't decide which background I like, and I keep trying to learn new techniques to try, I'm actually learning to read the codes if you can believe that...So you'll just have to bare with me!

  4. Everything looked wonderful! I love lobster. Have not had it for years. I love the new header. St least you're doing it by yourself!!!



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