Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pinky Swear Winners are!!!

You wouldn't believe what I've gone through....We got home and our Router is not working, we need to replace it, sometimes I can get online sometimes not. I'll be lucky if I can get this downloaded and posted before being bumped off!

I wanted to get this done earlier today, but NO I had a doctor appt. then a dentist appt. that turned into a much longer one than anticipated....So, I rushed out the door because as usual I'm leaving later than I should to allow for our awful traffic here....I get to the doctors, and wait....and wait...and wait...I'm not one to usually complain but when I'm 45 mins. after my scheduled time, I finally went up and asked if maybe they were running behind? (Just to draw attention to myself in case they forgot me....) and she informed me I'm still 15 mins. early for my appt. I looked at my watch and realized I'm still on Arizona time and then there was a time change and I never got on the RIGHT time!!! OH BROTHER was I embarrassed....

I had no breakfast or lunch so those of you who know me know, I don't do well without food for more than 3 hours. I get cranky! Mainly because I get lightheaded, shaky and just don't feel well. Been checked, nothing there, its just me. I think it must be I'm sensitive to sugar drops. So, after doctor appt. went to dentist, so it was late, before I got home and could eat. AND to make things worse, I just started that cabbage soup diet today so thats all I could eat.... :-(

Anyway, hubby took off to pool tonight, so I didn't even have anyone to draw for my contest tonight....I hope you will trust that I closed my eyes and drew ok? :-)

So, I realize that I left my cowgirl hat down in the desert in the Motorhome, so what am I going to draw out of that looks western? Oh! my dress cowgirl boot! Great idea huh? Not so much.....

I folded up the names on their individual pieces of paper, tossed them into the boot and immediately realized they were going into the toe and couldn't easily be tossed that way....OK! OK! I'm just not thinking on an empty stomach....hee! hee!

This time they get put in a decorative tin and stirred, and stirred and stirred.....and OUT CAME THREE LOVELY NAMES!!!


Blushing Rose


Dusty Devoe

Congratulations girls, I will get my act together "hopefully soon" and get your notorious PINKY SWEAR water bottles in the mail soon!

Please email me your addresses so I can accomodate that ok?



  1. Oh, I also wanted to say sorry for the chaos kind of day you had,and computer router problems, that just sucks!

  2. Well....if you had had a horsey fix while in the might have had a better day! LOL Since I have my "pinky swear" bottles already, congrats to the winners! I am a sore loser!

  3. I won!!! I would love to have another bottle! I hope you're feeling better! HUGS!

  4. WHEW! & I thought my day of being sick was enough! You've REALLY had a day.

    I am sooo tickled you picked me! TYSM I am very excited ...

    Have a lovely day. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Wow, I love the Pinky Swear bottles. I thought it was very clever of you to come up with that idea!!



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