Monday, November 16, 2009

Loving life....

We'v been so glad to get home to see our grandchildren, and we jumped right in spending time with them.
This first weekend, Our son brought his two, Avaa and Luke over, And little Avaa, couldn't WAIT give me this little box she had a "surprise" for me that she made. In it was this mug she had colored just for me! As I was Ohhing and Awwing over it, she said "I knew it was your favorite color too gramma..." I think it will be cherished forever, just remembering the look of pride on her face when she gave it too me.

Then, after we watched Avaas soccer game, we took them bowling.
Boy was I having a lousy day...these two little show offs beat me!
Now, in my defense, they had the bumper guards on their aisle!
One time, I sat down and pretended to be upset saying "Oh, I'm just terrible at this game!..." Avaa put her arm around me and said "No you're not gramma, just watch me ok? and you never give up, just like me!" Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's 5 sometimes...
Luke looks and acts so much like his dad did, its scary sometimes...he is a cutie.
He's shy most of the time....but, He'd throw the ball, and then go into some little dance that kind of went on and on....funny.
Then, we got Connor and Brooklyn for a couple nights, and we got a jump on the holidays and built this gingerbread house. They love doing this. We did one last year too. It's sooo funny watching the restraint it takes for them to not eat it. When given the choice to decorate the back side or not, Connor was smart enough to figure out that if they did, there might not be any leftovers to didn't do to0 much on the backside! :-) They informed me that it might not make it to Christmas... Ya think?
Yea, we are having a good time....


  1. could have used the bumper side too!!!
    They are just so cute, I truely know what you mean, I just adore having my babies...but Toby is the one (3yrs) that is the most fun beacuse he can really talk well now and hold conversatins with us. Jed is just starting to be able to do that. I miss them sooooo much. I did get to talk to them last night and Toby is fucused on Xmas already...being really good...not naughty so Santa can bring lots of toys again!!! LOL

  2. I am having Grammy envy! Pony Girl and Paint Girl better get busy soon! I'm getting old. Love gingerbread houses. I have never made one before.



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