Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas mini cakes

So today I got this order out for a customer....Arent' they cute?

I have this very good friend who owns a large daycare. Every year she does something very nice for her staff at Christmas time. For example, One year she bought them all new P.J's and then took them all to the spa to get peddis, etc.

This year, She is hiring a yacht to take them out on with a catered dinner. But, for the invitations, she had me make these little mini cakes and she was placing them in the Christmas boxes (shown behind cakes) then presenting them, with invitations etc. to each staff member. Cute idea huh? They were Lemon with Lemon filling, Buttercream icing, and my "signature" homemade marshmallow fondant.

I also got the tree out and am going to spend the evening decorating it. Now I'm getting in the spirit!
We are only having part of our family for Thanksgiving dinner this year so, we are breaking with Turkey! Yes Big Bird! Run free!!! We have decided to treat ourselves (since we have a smaller group this year, and my son-in-law who is allergic to shellfish will be at the other in laws) So.... we are having Lobster tails! Yippee!! Our WinCo store here sells them very reasonably so we are going to splurge!

My menu:

Appetizers: Mini Quiches & White Wine

Table Favor: Chocolate Covered Petit Four (on each plate) I will be making these with my new kit I just got in Las Vegas at my Cake Camp!!!

Dinner: Salad: Pistachio Watergate Salad
Grilled - 8 oz. Lobster Tails (melted, Lemon/garlic butter)
Vegatable: Freshly Steamed Asperagus (topped with Butter & Asiago Cheese)
Mashed Potatos: (With Turkey gravy) requested by my hubby
Texas Rolls

Dessert: Mixed berry pie
Pumpkin Pie
Topped with Vanilla ice cream

Are you doing anything "untraditional" for Thanksgiving this year?


  1. Ya...I am NOT cooking although the dinner will be at my house!!!

  2. These cakes look and sound so yummy! I may have to have you hook me up for a birthday some year. I've never had lobster, can you believe it? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, it sounds like ti will be delicious!

  3. Thanks Sares! I enjoy doing them, let me know if you need one. Hopefully I'll be here instead of down south when you need it! LOL Thats the only issue I run into sometime with my little home run business. I do believe it about lobster! I've only indulged a few times myself. But now that I'm learning to cook it, its alot cheaper than going out to get it. I found these BIG tails (8oz) at Winco for only $7.98 each! Very nice....Much better than the $30.00 they charge at a restaurant for a little 4oz. tail. You have a great holiday too!

  4. Dang! That makes my mouth water! Although I have to say I can't believe you already got your tree. You're supposed to wait until after Thanksgiving! Both Cowboy H and I will be working on Thanksgiving day, so hopefully you all will celebrate enough for us too!



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