Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a weekend!

Day 1

I had a fabulousooo! Weekend in PDX with cousin Desert Rose! I arrived "earlier than expected" (knocked those Monday morning commuters right off the freeway!)and after giving the "Rose" appropriate time to get herself "blooming" we were picking up our lattes and heading to the barn.
We were a bit late getting started due to a "Cowboy Detour." Yep... those always slow us down. Anytime we meet a single cowboy, we MUST slow down, and talk a bit as we have a beautiful, single niece who would like to find a cowboy. So, being the dutiful Aunts that we are, we took some time to meet, greet and sweet talk the new Cowboy Patrick. Turns out he's not so single, (has a girlfriend) but he said "Unfortunately..She's not a cowgirl, can't ride worth a d@%$" We left him our card...
King behaved like a PERFECT gentleman all weekend for me, he responded, was obedient, calm and funny.
We had perfect weather, and we were joined by Darlene, Zoe's mom? You all remember our beloved Zoe, the horse we lost last season? Well, she now has a wonderful 11 yr. old chestnut beauty named Barbie. She seems VERY easy going. We rode through beautiful, blooming wheat and hay fields, fields of daisies, lavender, and tree farms. It was wonderful, except for my allergies were going CRAZY!!
Once, we were accosted by a cranky old man who yelled at us for being on property that didn't belong to us. But when they tried explaining to him they had permission to travel there, he wanted to argue in the worst way. It wasn't HIS property, but he was making it HIS problem, I guess, because we were passing by his property. He was just a cranky old man. But, when Darlene started getting upset and arguing back at him, We just decided to start moving out, and we left him arguing with himself.
Now, Little Lady was her little Mare self...she gave DR an exciting ride that day. She acted up quite a bit that day. Didn't like being next to Barbie, Tried to kick out a few times, Always wanted to be in the lead, and got all spooky at many little things. But, Desert Rose, put her in her place, and she humbled pretty quickly.

We came home tired, but cleaned up, because Desert Rose's wonderful husband HP was taking us out to dinner at his club! It was wonderful....and we topped it off with Lemon drops! Yum...And that's not all!! After dinner we drove over and got to spend alittle one on one time with Willie Mae and Toby! (Jed was in bed already.)

And, usual when we got home, we were wiped out, we turned in and I slept like a brand new colt in that beautiful guest suite she has!

That was how our first days ride went, A nice pace, easy and relaxing....Well, for Darlene and I.
I think we were in the saddle a good couple hours.

Stay tuned for Day 2! It was a Loping Luxury!


  1. So exciting! Looks like you had a lot of fun going riding, except for that grumpy old man! What a stinker! Can't wait to hear more, is there more?
    Too bad that cowboy had a girlfriend!

  2. Yes, there's Day 2 to post about, but I don't have time to get everything posted yet. Getting ready for my Vegas trip.

  3. You certainly can tell a good almost made me want to go after that cowboy!!! LOL yes, the King is really making a good inpression on all who are lucky enough to get a ride on him! was great to have you down, and thanks for not peeing on my chinks...AGAIN!

  4. First..those are very cool spurs!

    Second..How do I get adopted into this family!!!! You guy's have so much fun.. I wish I had a horsey family..

    You lucky dogs!! that looked so fun :)

  5. What a fun ride! I'm hoping that the DR posts pictures of Darlene's new horsey soon! Good that the Little Lady is keeping her on her toes. I do bet she misses Jesse, though! Aunties that keep their eyes posted for cowboys for their single nieces are awesome!! :) xo



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