Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OMG, YOGA today...

So, my friend invites me to a "girls night out..." She says "There'll be Food, wine, gifts, a martini bar, live music and young good looking guys in tuxedos escorting us in, and it's NOT a wedding! I thought, sounds fun! So, we go and it turns out to be an event for raising money for the hospital. Ok! good deal all around!
It was an elegant evening,...Beautiful food, Ice sculptures and it was all staged in one of our very nice nurseries among WONDERFUL flowers, plants, shrubs and whimsical garden accessories. Not to mention we had a very sunny day, so the weather was perfect that evening to be outside.
Well, there were also several vendors there we could buy things from, (Yeeees!) and by doing that, I won two free YOGA sessions....Hmmm it sounded good at the time. So, I'm sitting here this morning having my coffee, thinking "What was I thinking?" I'm too stiff for this....
But, I'll go give it a try, I'll keep you posted.... :-(
Oh, and the young, good looking guys in tuxedos? Were just what Michelle, Jac, and all the young pony cousins would've LOVED watching all evening! Hee! Hee! Very cute....and they pretended to really enjoy us...... older ladies. But, We had a lots of fun! :-)
They do this every Spring and Summer....just a hint! Another one coming up in July.

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