Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pony Cousins ride again!

We all gathered at Cowgirljlynns barn this weekend.  Everyone came prepared to perform a routine to music with their horses.

This is the routine Cowgirljlynn and Baby Doll (me...) performed. 

We dedicated to our cousin and mentor, Desert Rose

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

EUROPE! Here we come!
I've moved in on Durangos space for a while. I want to begin sharing my plans for our upcoming trip.

This is a picture of the outside of our hotel in Venice.  Should be an interesting place, right on the Grand Canal :-))
 I've read SOOO many reviews on these places.  I hope I've found us good ones!
We aren't too fussy about our accommodations as long as they don't smell!  I have a hard time with that.  Looking forward to the food, the wine, the...ok,  the food and wine is pretty high on my list :-(

I can't wait till I'm actually there....

We have talked about going to Europe for several years, however, we have both been through the loss of our parents now, and it just never seemed "the right time" to be thinking about leaving.   One parent would fall ill, when that one passed, another one became ill and so the story went.  

I'd give up ANY trip to have them all back, but,  it is the circle of life and so,  we have decided to take "that trip" before WE are too old to enjoy it.

I'm thinking about taking my laptop,  to blog about our adventures so you can all virtually join us if you'd like.  Who knows?  You might get some inspirations to travel!  But, on the other hand....with space being at such a premium, I may JUST SAY NO to technology and blog about it when I get back.  I really believe that we are TOO attached to our Facebook, and notice that most people feel they have to send pics. or post pics. IMMEDIATELY!  Im debating because I really want to just "be in the moment" and not necessarily "share" it now.  It COULD wait till I get home.

I have also decided to do my own research, and book everything ourselves.  With the internet, its very easy to read reviews from other travelers and make decisions on Lodging, Restaurants and Tours.  I'm a HUGE review reader, as well as writer.  I belong to Trip Advisor as a senior contributor and feel this is an excellent way to make travel choices.  But, this is the largest trip I've ever booked, so you can be the judge if this was the way to do it or not.  We'll see....!

We will be gone about 3 weeks.  Hopefully I haven't booked us to busy, we both like to travel  leisurely.   We have started by booking a Mediterranean Cruise (Greek Islands) and we then began to "build" our trip around that.
We will be seeing Venice, Debrovnik Croatia, Athens Greece, Iamir Turkey, Split Croatia, Florence Italy, Pisa, Tuscany and Rome.   A week of this will be on a cruise,  and a couple day tours.  But other than that, we will be exploring... :-))
We are giving ourselves plenty of "slow" time to explore on our own. 

Get this....We have decided to take this 3 week long trip in ONE CARRYONE suitcase each....I know... sounds impossible, and it MAY be, but I'm incoorporating some good ideas to help with this.  Hopefully you will find them helpful too!

Stay tuned, I will be posting those "cool" ideas on how to fit everything I need, hopefully into one small bag!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lucky Me!  

I've been so lucky to receive two really nice gifts this month!

Desert Rose and Bossman bought me this saddle horn bag (aka: drink bag).  Isn't it beautiful!  I can't wait to see it on my boy.
 And then, I was lucky enough to have a few of my Pony Cousins over for a few days of riding.  And Cowgirljlynn gave me these beautiful coasters!
I think they will go perfect in my home in the desert.  Can't wait to...Uhhh, I just realized, people might put wet drinks on these....Hmmm.

Maybe I'll just tell em to "put the drink on the table", I'd rather have a ring on the table than to mess these up.

Thank you cousins and Bossman!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is my grandaughter competing in Track.  I don't know good form from bad, but I was very proud of her for taking 3rd in this track meet.
Its her first year in track.

"Sigh"  I remember when I used to be able to jump hurdles...
Now, I'm just happy to be able to jump out of the truck bed occasionally.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Durango my boy?  Get ready...You are about to board a trailer, take a LONG haul and come back 

You'll have to say a nice goodbye to your little girlfriend down there.  But tell her you'll be back next season.

A huge thank you to Bossman.  My friend who took such good care of you.

Durango,  I'm so excited to see you buddy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hi, Durango here....

Oooh "sigh"  I am one lonely horse right now.

So, you all know my girl and I had a really good winter down here in the desert.
That's why I've been so bad about updating you all here on our blog.
We'v been very busy doing fun trail rides, seeing lots of palm trees,  canyons, creeks, and doing some really hard climbing.  Its been fun!  My girl was here almost every other day.

 But when she rode me that last time, she stood with me for a long, long time, petting me and whispering quiet things in my ear.
The last time she did that, I didn't see her for a whole two weeks!  And, sure enough..... she hasn't been back....  "sniff" "sniff"

Some people might think that horses don't understand what "their person" is saying, but we do.  I knew she was telling me that we won't see each other for a while.....

I trust her not to leave me... :-(

But.... then.... I start to think...."Maybe she's upset with me because of those couple times I've spun around when she was riding me?"  She didn't seem too happy about that.  :-(
But, I only did that cuz I was scared!   

Do you think she would leave me here?

There's this other lady "Long haired Blondy" who has been taking care of me and riding me.....She's real nice and I feel safe when we are out riding, but..... I just can't help wondering, whats going on?  Where'd my girl go???  And why are there so many damn flies biting me???

I heard a rumor that "That Lady with the Red Hair" fell out of her trailer, on the same day she was riding ME and broke her leg. Oooh, I feel so bad that she's hurt, but I am glad she didn't fall off me, that would have really been bad.
And then I heard that's why "My Girl" isn't hauling me home with her.  Ya know?  I think she's gonna have that Bossman guy drive me least, that's what I heard "Long Haired Blondy" saying one day.

Well,  I'm just going to try and be strong, I have to know "My girl" is somewhere missing me.....

and that,  we will be back together soon....I hope.  I miss her too.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hay all!  Well, my girl and I have been SO busy here in the desert that I haven't been over here to blog very much.
She told me I'd better get caught up with that cuz she's counting on me to help her out.

When I first got down here, I was freaked out by all the machines that hang out and run around this stables!  OMG they have a lot!  Tractors, old noisy trucks, diesel trucks, bobcats that they level the stalls with and if THATS not enough, Theres a farrier who does this welding, sparking thing that just scares me!  
Anyway, I AM getting used to all these things and my girl says I'm being a real good boy.  I have gone up and down some really steep and scary trails, but I'm ok with that. Its when those bicycles and hikers all come around the corners at a high rate of speed I USED to get upset.  Well now, you cousins would be proud to know that I'm now comfortable with those.  (Well, not if they come at me high speed but....) I actually stop and say hi to them now and I'm confident they aren't going to EAT ME!
My girl gives me the heads up when they are coming, she says "People People" and I know to expect them soon.  

We (my girl and I) seem to be getting much closer this season,  She's actually taken more charge and is MAKING me do things.  But, one time when I was "getting prancy trying to get back in to the watering trough before those other horses got there," she was getting real mad at me....Well, then WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, that red haired lady got on me and SPURRED me, then made me go back out and walk AWAY from the watering trough until I settled down and would come back in real nice and calm.  Hmph!... that red head,  She busts my balls every time.
But, since that day, I have given my girl several days of nice rides, no acting up.

So today, we went out riding and my girl was doing something, but I didn't know WHAT THE HECK she was doing with making me nudge up close into these bushes and stand still while she put colored ribbon (using SCISSORS mind you!) around these branches.  One of them had pokies on it and hurt my nose.  But I think we did a good job, and she said "we won't be getting lost in those hills for sure!"

My girl told me that she and hubby bought a winter home down here!  So I guess that means I will be a desert horse snowbird from now on.  She's pretty excited about it, that's all she talks about lately.  "This couch, that bed, those pillows, that hot tub, this COOL chandelier she found and those paint colors.  But it seems to be making her real happy,  however, unless she's decorating my stall its not very exciting to me.

Life is good, the weather could be a bit warmer (especially at night) but I know its better than whats going on at my old home in Washington!  Its COLD there!

I just wanted to check in and let you all know we are doing good!  I'm adjusting well and "my girl" and I are becoming quite the team!  I'm so glad she's here with me.

I'll try and keep up on my blogging better, but you know how it is when you're having fun!

Love you all,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey there, I'm just checking in with all of you to see if you had a good Christmas?  As you know, I'm STILL waiting for my girl to get back, and that is getting close!  ONLY 5 more days till she gets here!

But, She did share some tidbits of what SHE'S been up to while we'v been apart.  Let me share a little with you ok?

Well, She has begun a new way of eating called Gluten Free.  She was told several time by her RA physician that it may help the pain in her hands.  I hope it does, that means she'll be able to ride me much longer!  This is a picture of an appetizer she made out of a GF pizza crust.  She said everyone loved it!

Then "My girls" sister and family came over to her house to celebrate their birthdays.  She brought this HUGE bottle of wine!  Wow, it took my girls family about 6 days to finish this one off!

And THIS is the reason my girl and her hubby (my dad) had to fly home.  His mom is 85 and not doing very well.  They had to put her in an Altzhiemers / Dimensia home.  My dad spends almost all day there with her, making sure she's ok, adapting to the new environment and making sure she eats.

 My girl says its really a nice place as far as those places go.....I don't think they are very happy she had to go there, but it got to where they just couldn't do everything for her.

So, this place went all out to decorate for Christmas.  My girl even plays the piano there once in a while.
Here is a few pictures of the place.  It has a "Town Square" where everyone can walk to, and hear music, play games or just socialize.  There is a coffee shop there too!

So, they had a nice Christmas tree.....

Painted Ice skates hanging.....

This is a picture of the "Town Square"   Its always set up like this for people to gather and visit.

That is the Coffee shop in there......

They had the tables all decorated.....

And this is just some of the GF things "My girl" made over the holidays for her family.  These were a hit, no one even knew the crusts were GF.

 She made homemade stuffing that was GF too.

She made her own cornbread, dried it out in a oven @ 250 degrees, then broiled for a couple mins. to crisp up.

She just used the regular cornbread recipe and change it up with GF flours.

She's also started cooking with GF Coconut Oil in place of Veg. oil.....

Now, heres my "other girl" who rides me occasionally too, her name is Brooklyn.
She made some Christmas cookies and decorated them for everyone.  These weren't GF, but they were good!

Then "My girl" made a ham for everyone to go with the Turkey!  Yum...

Here is how happy everyone was after eating all that wonderful food!  This is "My girls" son and his wife.

This is "My girls" daughter Jamie and her "Boyfriend" Mike.

This was a good holiday for "My girl" and her family.  She got to spend lots of good time with her grandkids and 

now she's getting ready to come back and see me!!

5 days and counting, and she will be back in my saddle again!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whoo hoo!  I got to see my girl!
She  took a trip to Vegas to see something called 
"Cowboy Christmas?"
Well, after that, she drove back to the desert JUST TO SEE ME!
I was so happy when she came walking up to me.....
I made some funny nickers and that seems to make her laugh.

She spent some time just grooming me, and whispering those nice things to me.  Then she tacked me up and we went for a ride!  It was so nice to see her.  

 She told me she will be back FOR GOOD in just a couple weeks.  In the meantime, she shared some highlights of Cowboy Christmas.

This is her first pair of chinks.  They are Italian leather (I think she's kinda partial to Italians....)

And here are the very nice boots she picked up.  She said its a must for her to have some good riding equipment, but I think an old pair of jeans, sweatshirt and her old, dirty barn boots work just fine.
 I'm not complaining tho, cuz she got ME a new saddle blanket and pad to make me more comfortable.
I wish I had a picture of them, but they are locked up in the tack room and I can't get to them to show you.

I kinda like it when my girl looks good on me.

While she was in Vegas,
She also got to go to a really unique party.  There were Crown Royal girls pouring what else?

There was a Patron Tequila Bar made entirely out of ice!

There was a very cool sushi table with none other than a LIVE MERMAID!

Then there was a biker themed room, where half clad guys and girls would polish your boots.
Heres one for the ladies.

And get this!  In the pool they had a "Biker Horse"  mounted.  He was very cool.

And by the time the party was over, The  "lady with the red hair"  was wearing a funny lookin
breast collar.  Hmmmm  Those humans, always trying to be like us horses.  I think she had a great time, wouldn't you say??

I'm glad my girl was able to come and visit me, even if it was just one day. 
I know we'll have lots of fun when she gets back.

And thanks to Kimberly for stopping by to say hello!  I get pretty bored just standing in my stall, waiting for my girl.  This blogging breaks up my day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello, My name is Durango. 
 I'm pretty new to this "blogging stuff" but my girl (yeah, thats right, I now have "my girl.)  has asked me to take over her blog as she is just too busy what with taking wonderful care of me AND helping   caring for her MIL (who's 85) AND spending time with her grandlittles too.
I don't mind, really....I hear thats what a true partnership is all about.  And I really DO want this to be my home,...I think.

 I've only been with my girl for about a year now.  She's starting to grow on me, but boy when she started out with me....good grief, let me just say.....I didn't think she'd EVER get a clue about how to handle me.  I can remember standing in the barn aisle way for over an hour while she just groomed and tacked me up!  Didn't think we'd ever get to the ridin part....

I have managed to "try" and boss her around a little tho, ha! I know she startles pretty easily if I jump quickly like something scared me....
She whispers nice soothing things to me, and she has a gentle hand with me....
She tells me we are together forever, and I've got to be honest,  that sounds real nice, but, I've never really had that, so Im not sure what that really means.  I know she wants me to trust her, and I'm tryin, but damn, I feel like she's just not able to keep scary things from eating me!!!

I just never know when I'm gonna have to go to a new home.  And the last cowboy who had me, wasn't all that nice (or smart) but,  I don't think he liked me too much.  I heard my girl saying the other day she thought it was because I couldn't gait very nicely.  But dang! all we ever did was trot,  no one showed me how to GAIT!
 Until my girl came along, and SHE worked with me till I now have "a gait like butter..."  Least thats what SHE said....

Lately, she's began gettin kinda bossy with me, and I thought "Girly, you are lucky you feed me so good or I'd show ya whose boss."
Over time tho, I've kinda learned to like her.  She's pretty funny when she falls off, speaks a language I've never heard before....

But, one time, I seen her out talkin to that "trainer girl" and I think they've ganged up to make me do what she says, hmmm....not sure bout that.  I'll keep ya posted.

So, this girl of mine, she hangs out with several different people, who also have "partners for life."

One, is this lady "with the red hair."  SHE kinda scares me sometimes....Don't know what it is, but she has some sharp thingies on her heels,  that she jabs into me if I even think about acting up.  She also has two partners of her own, named Jesse and Lady who I really like.  We'v gone on several rides together, and....I think we will be friends.
Another is this pretty blonde lady, well she WAS blond, then next time I saw her, her hair was dark, hmmm but still she's real gentle.  And HER partner is named King.  He's a good guy and I'm not sure he likes me around Lady too much, but he has been nice to me.  I think we'll be buds too.
The other girls she hangs out with have nice "partners" too.  We'v gotten to ride together quite a few times, and I think they are all gonna make great buddies.  They seem to know what they are doing and I  kinda like following them.

So, my girl and "the lady with the red hair" took me for a loooong ride here recently, I was worried that she was taking me to another home, but I was glad to have Lady with me.  When we FINALLY arrived we were in a really warm place!  My girl said this was called the desert.  And there were SOOO many horses around.  I was glad to see my girl was still here with me.  And they also have ALOT of scary equipment around this place too....I'm not crazy about that.  After we got settled here, we took a few rides, and then my boots got ruined.

 I was climbing up a steep, rocky trail when my boot came off.  It kinda scared me, but the "lady with the red hair" and my girl helped me fix it till we got back.  Then my girl got me a new pair of shoes and these seem to work better pretty good down here.

About a week ago, my girl told me she was gonna have to leave for a while.  Something about her MIL being sick.  She promised she'd be back, but I'm getting kinda worried cuz its been a long time! But that "lady with the red hair" has been spending some time with me, and she even took me out on a long ride which was real fun, I got to lead!

Oh, and there is this Cowboy down here who has been kinda nice to me too....He comes and feeds me my supplements every day.  He's kinda gruff sometimes if I crowd him, but he likes me I can tell, cuz he came and took me out for a long walk one day.  I didn't even have to have anyone on my back, just got to run along side him and his horse.  It was fun!

Well, thats all I have to tell you for now, I will be updating you on my adventures here in the desert. And when my girl back I will let you know.... I sure hope she gets back soon,....I miss her.

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you check back in with me, my girl says there are alot of nice people on here.


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